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I was up for a new phone, and, after a lot of research, I got the phone and signed up for another 2 years w/Verizon. The first clue something was wrong was when the phone started always connecting to the internet on its own...Verizon said I shouldn't worry since I had an unlimited internet plan.

Then the phone started to lock up whenever it was used for calls, texts, etc. I called V. and was told I would have to go to the local store. I did that, and was told how to help the problem, but I got a bunch of blank stares when I brought up the internet issue.

I took the phone home, and surprise, surprise, the phone still didn't work. I also had been paying for the monthly insurance, and when I called V. to give me a different phone, they told me they couldn't since it was still covered under the manufacturer's warranty...but they couldn't send me another new phone...only a refurbished one..when I balked at that, they gave me the usually story of how refurbs are "just as good" as new, the "new one" didn't work! Anyway, when I asked what I could do to get a completely different phone, they said I would have to try at least 3 times w/refurbs, but that wouldn't happen since their refurbs were just so great.

2nd phone came, and surprise again, it also didn't work. I took it to the store, and since my word means zilch, confirmed that yes, the new phone didn't work. They called V. for me, and would send me another refurb in 2 days...took 4.

Much to my surprise, the 3rd phone was equally crappy. Thinking I would at last be free of the malfuntioning Samsung, I emailed V. about the crappy 3rd phone, but got no reponse for several days, so I went back to the store...I was told by the tech who used the same model phone that, "Gee, this is my 3rd phone too...I guess three is my lucky number". I was told that there was nothing they could do since now there was a download for the phone that "should fix the problem".

In the meantime, V. emailed me back that they could not give me a different model since that would be an "upgrade". The phone that I wanted was $170 LESS than the phone I had. So, I called V.

and told them I wanted a different phone..I was told again that they couldn't, but that they could send me a "new" Samsung. Great. So far the only pros for the phone was the potential distance it could fly after being tossed out my car window, and they want to send me another one. I again got the speech of the many rules of upgrades (more rules and policies than the IRS).

They told me I couldn't get a different model until I reupped in 2009, or I would have to pay "full price", which, apparently, is the same cost as a kidney. I feel like all V. does is make the consumer accept their ***....they're polite, but *** from silver spoon is the same as *** served from a slushy drink spoon! Now, I'm going to have to either deal w/the Samsung or just reactivate my old phone.

Gee, thanks Verizon...It's ironic that their new slogan is, "A Phone Is Only As Good As The Network It's On"....I wouldn't know since all I get are nonfunctioning, top of the line, *** phones. Way to go, Verizon.....can you hear me now?

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