I tried the Verizion 30 day test drive Back on March 3rd of 08, it is now July 18th. The advertisement said to test drive the phone for 30 days and if not satisfied with it they would refund your money as long as you sent the phone back within the 30 days.

Ok so I sent the phone back on March 26 according to the instructions on the package, I'm still being billed for $264.00. This includes the first month of service @$39.99 + tx, Activation fee of $35.00 and of course the "early termination fee" of a $175.00. I get letters once a week threatining to take me to collection and take legal action. What a joke.

How am I suppose to test drive the phone if I don't activate it dah! I suppose I could leave it on the counter to see if it activates it self before I use it. So much for the test drive. What a ***.

but I guess it's a good way to make money.

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Yeah, I was thinking we're only hearing his side of the story and it doesn't add up. I sell wireless (not verizon tho) and they don't do that kind of stuff~ it has to be something the customer "conveniently" overlooked or failed to say.

Legitimate complaints help ppl. Just unloading cause you were too lazy to follow the rules is a waste of everyone's time.


You need to read the test drive info... It says right in the flyer, on your sales slip, online AND in the stores that in order to cancel in the first 30 days without penilty you have to port your phone # to someone else

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