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Have you ever been stabbed in the back?

Well, that's what Verison wireless is good at... Last year in August a soldier, who was getting deployed to Afganistan, broke the contract with Verizon and got a verbal confirmation from them that there will be no early termination fee. Guess what?

A year later the soldier returns back to the country and finds out that Verizon wireless not only posted an early termination fee, but turned him over to a collection agency. In a year his credit score went down to the point that he can't get approved for any loan now.

Now tell me what this is, if not stabbing in the back someone, who even is not there to protect himself. Moreover, here is somewhere else, risking his life to protect those sharks from terrorism...

That's really "patriotic" of you, Verizon!

Monetary Loss: $1122.

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