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I have had Verizon wireless for over 10 years and i just had one of my phones stolen and i had the service suspended and i just spent over $1,000 for the bill and now they want me to pay the $350.00 to shut it off. Why should i pay for a service that has been stolen or even have to pay for it to be shut off?

I have went to the store and even contacted the customer service for the complaint and i get no where and screwed around. I just want the service fully shut off and not have to pay for the shut off cause the phone was stolen and i am sick with this whole thing. I am disabled and could not afford the big bill let alone for the now shut off fee. Someone please help me out!!!!

I think this should be resolved ASAP!!! I am tired of getting screwed around or them telling me there is nothing they can do and them being snotty to me!

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That's good that you saved money and that customer service took care of you, but to refer to your quote "it's not your fault it was stolen"...well nor is it vzw's fault that it was stolen. It is not their fault that you did not call to suspend the line while you figured out a solution.

Your phone is your own responsibility, and you could have taken better measures to prevent the subsequent charges from occuring. If your wallet was stolen, wouldn't you call immediately to cancel the card? Additionally, it was the physical device that was stolen, not the account or the number. Putting any different vzw device on that line also fixes the problem.

I don't see why you need out of a valid service contract just because the physical device went missing.

If you car gets stolen, your debt still remains even though insurance can cover it. Next time you should get phone insurance to protect you from stuff like this.


I know what it is for. Not my fault it was stolen and the service was jacked up!

either way they took care of it.

i did get my way!!!! :p

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The termination fee is for breaking the contract on that line. verizon offers the service which is what the contract is for.

they havent done anything to break the contract.

so the fee is correct nothing wrong on vzw part. i would suggest activating a old phone or getting a cheap one on line and just activating it on your line.


U should not have to pay the shut off fee, that is crazy you already paid the phone bill why pay for more when it was stolen!!!!

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