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Have had VW for 11 years. Service is ok but this year, I purchased an LG Titanium Voyer from them in May.

I am on my 4th phone in 6 months. This phone is such a piece garbage. Not only is LG producing faulty cell phones, Verizon Wireless is pushing them. After my 3rd replacement, I requested a different phone as I paid almost $200.00 for this piece of garbage and VW says they can't give me a different phone until this breaks 3 times in a 90 days period.

This policy is GARBAGE !!!!!!!!! And LG is a rip-off too.

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All cell phone carriers use the same practice for warranty replacements I have worked for them all so Its not a Verizon thing aits an industry thing so stop blaiming the carrieres to your complainst to the FCC that regulates all telecommunications


wah wah wah Verizon doesnt make the phones just like walmart doesnt make them either only sell them so if you have a so called crappy product you should be lodging your cpm;lain staright to the source the manufacturer LG hello


I agree with Angel. Whether or not the phone is good, the replacement policy you go through with Verizon is actually a warranty through LG. Getting mad at VZW is like being mad at your cable provider because your TV won't turn on.


Actually the refurbished phones usually last longer than a straight from the factory phone. They go through more testing and are totally rebuilt from the inside out, it's not just a software update. I do agree that the Voyager is not the best phone made, but that's not Verizon's fault, it's LG.


Contact your states attorney regarding this...PLEASE!!!! You are not the only one to deal with the refurbished phone dilemma.

The average refurbished phone last about 3 weeks for a customer. The phone are merely sent back to the warehouse and a software update is performed and new cosmetics are put on it… then the phone is shipped to a store where another customer will get the lousy phone and three weeks later the process starts over. This is unethical and downright sick business practice and Verizon Wireless should be held accountable for lack of integrity because they continue to say that 99.9% of refurbished devices have no problems when sent back to the warehouse.

It’s their cover-up to continue their poor practice which manipulates customers and even employees’ well-being. They need to be exposed!!!

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