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My phone just flat out erased everything I had on it. Contacts, pictures everything! I called customer service took it to a store, took it to another store to do system scan and nothing. Long story short had to pay for another phone or if i wanted to send it in it for replacement it cost 50$. At the time bought the cellphone was over 200$, why should i have to pay if it just breaks on its own?

So we did the upgrade and THAT comes with another TWO year contract. My mom has been pending on whether or not to disconnect her phone and now she can't for two years because they can't transfer her upgrade to my number. I hate those contracts

They just want to keep you in. Then if you want out you still have to pay. Thats just bull

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Saint Albans, New York, United States #5685

Blah Blah,

Have you considered backing your contacts up to a computer/hand written phonebook, or a memory card to store pictures and videos? Being able to transfer those items from phone to phone at a Verizon store is a privelage, not a right.

It is something VZW offers to save you time and aggrevation and usually comes with a price. A cellular device is a small electronic piece of equipment and can 'screw up' unannounced. You sound like you may be young, and may be irresponsible with your device. Say you get a virus on your computer and it deletes your entire hardrive, would you call your internet provider and complain that it was their fault?

Absolutely not. Consider other options before defaulting to blaming and pointing fingers.

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