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Not only is difficult to understand your rep but to have to call so often to the point you give in to just deal with the payments of the unwanted contract forced onto you & the delivery of service lacking from outstanding performance. I have phone services with them that does not allow me to have dsl billed to my telephone bill; i was asked for my bank information-fine! This was offered with my first month free no installation/activation fee pay nothing now i will be billed on month # 2 from my checking!

AGAIN! I contacted verizon 11/07 for a month to month dsl plan & was driven into a 2 yr contract; where i was told i can cancel (down grade) contract back to my initial mo to mo (initial wishes) within the 30 days of service. I called on my 15th day (to assure for safety) as a cust where i was left to understand it was a sucessful downgrade to a monthly plan & that i was no longer part of this 2yr contract-great! Bank statements along with account activity print out i requested due to excessive overdraft charges on february tipped me off and found i have 11/07($46.38 collected for my free month),12/07(they claim bill generated for $31.61 but werent allowed to collect it),1/08($31.61 collected),2/19/08($40.08 collected)&2/25/08($40.08 collected again twice-but this month they were able to overdraft me twice HA!). You think by billing your bank account bills will get in on time avoiding latepayments &/or overdrafts!

For every overdraft charge is $30.00 their dsl charge of 40.08 cost me 70.08 once but twice it was a horrifying 140.16 when i only place in account my 60 bucks monthly for bills purpose-hello! who is paying my overdraft charges & where is my free month or why are you not able to overdraft me on december but february seems ok; now they say i can not be placed on my what i called in for monly-no contract OH NO! I wonder do they really record those calls and note when i call cause i did call downgrading to the no contract-please help me i need justice!

They say "this call will be recorded for training purposes" - okay well trace all my calls i specifically wished opt out contrct in my 15th day & was told i am in no contract-why still charge me & have me as a 2 yr plan. Still they say to cancel i will be responsible for the remainder of the 2 yrs-HUH the nerve! Is inmoral & disgrace i feel i have not the freedon to choose my billing & now my monthly budget is for them to ABUSE and bill when they please; even if it means twice a month to catch up (forget my free month at that) forbid i forget to pay!

Is obsurde i need help! oh and YES I am still trying to figure this out; its so recent i wish i knew the madness i now know from all sorts of sites & then to hear they were known for so many types of complaints makes me sick of how i may be slaughtered-literally! Thank God I love to keep a tight record of all my financial doings; i trace & question for this same reason!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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they do trace your calls so ask if you know the date that you called they can draw that phone call up and listen to it.

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