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Jessica: Hi! How can I help you today?

You: I see that their is a waived $20 upgrade fee if I order online, but when I go to checkout it shows a $40 upgrade fee. What gives? False advertisement?

Jessica: Welcome to Verizon Wireless Sales chat!

Jessica: Whom do I have the pleasure of chatting with today?

You: Bob

Jessica: It's very nice to meet you, Bob!

Jessica: I would love to assist you with the promo.

Jessica: Yes it is waived online when ordering the device at the monthly price. Since you are ordering with the 2 year discounted price that fee is not waived.

You: they should display that disclaimer prominently

You: very dishonest

Jessica: I completely understand your frustration and I completely understand it should be listed better on the site.

You: Since my contract is up I think I'll check out what AT&T is offering

Jessica: I'm sorry to hear that you want to cancel. I’ll go ahead and transfer you to a Customer Loyalty Specialist to see what options may be available for you.

You: whatever

Jessica has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold...

Jessica: Allow me one moment while I access additional information.

You are now chatting with ALISHA

ALISHA: Hello Bob, I see you were transferred for further assistance. Please allow me a moment to read over the chat

You: whenever you're ready

ALISHA: Thank you so much for allowing me a moment to review the chat. I understand wanting to get the upgrade fee waived and I can get your account pulled up and see what can be done.

ALISHA: With the promotion going on if you do go to the verizon wireless home page you'll see that under the promotion it says "new device payment activation req'd. Limited time offer". With being a valuable customer I'll do my best to find anything available

You: It's on on the Upgrade Device page and does not mention any of that

You: Online Only ... Waived upgrade fee: $20 savings

You: very dishonest

You: $40 when you go to checkout

You: I bet you fool a lot of less computer proficient people

ALISHA: Hm that's strange. That's not populating for me but the promotion is only for device payment. With the fee not being charged to your account what we can do is provide an adjustment once your bill has generated and I've fully noted this through your account. I've also sent feedback to our technicians to take a look at that promotion so there is no more miscommunication.

ALISHA: We would never trick anyone and if we have had customers have upgrade to a two year contract and was referring to the promotion we do what we can and want to make sure this is resolved.

You: I can send you a screen shot or post it onto the internet for everyone else

ALISHA: The last thing we want to do is make a customer spend more money especially when they are not fully informed.

ALISHA: No need to send a screen shot and unfortunately I cannot receive screenshots

ALISHA: Did I lose you?

You: I'm not sure I can trust a company that blatantly fools people

You: tell me to whom I can send the screenshot

ALISHA: That's the last thing we want to do. I myself would never do that to a customer and have made adjustments multiple times for customer that were either misinformed or was under the impression the promotion included 2 year contract

ALISHA: With being a chat department I cannot received attachments

You: and verify that it is fixed

You: so basically nothing will be done

ALISHA: No! We will definitely make adjustments

ALISHA: but I cannot adjust something that is not billed to your account or has not be charged to your account

You: and I should trust you?

ALISHA: the system will not allow me too. I would hate if you wouldn't. I always keep the customer's happiness and trust at mind. I want to make sure it's resolved and that there are no issues like this in the future

You: so what can you do to regain my trust and keep me as a customer?

ALISHA: What I'm going to do is make sure everything we discussed is noted in the account. Also this is the chat reference number: 726583126529479439 so if you want to refer to anything or want to contact us regarding anything I've discussed with you, this is what you'll use. Once your bill generates you can contact us at any time convenient for you and we will look into adjustments to meet that promotional offer.

You: so I would have to purchase the upgrade and then contact you again in order to get the adjustment?

You: sounds like a lot of work

ALISHA: The upgrade fee will be billed to your account so you will not make any payments and that fee will not reflect until your invoice generates

ALISHA: so you will not be paying a fee during purchase

ALISHA: I've thoroughly noted the account. If you want an adjustment at checkout you can do so by calling 800-922-0204 and they can get the order as well as provide the adjustment or we can adjust it on your bill

You: How will the fee get removed?

ALISHA: Through call with the upgrade process we can submit one then at check out but because this is being done online we cannot submit anything and would be able to provide the adjustment on the invoice the fee reflects on

ALISHA: either way you'll still get what the promotion is offer

ALISHA: offering

You: I've spent a considerable amount of time to get a discount that looks available online, I feel like I should get some additional compensation

You: I've got a scrrenshot and this chat that proves it

ALISHA: I get that and I know that your time is very valuable. With the promotion it is only available through device payment and even though two year does not qualify because there was miscommunication and you've spent time on this we are able to provide an adjustment once that fee reflects your invoice or we can provide it through call so you'll get the promotion as well

You: I would like an additional $50 off to purchase a Galaxy S7

You: by upgrading my Galaxy S4

You: or you can keep my $15/month discount in place

ALISHA: We do have a deal going on where you can trade in your old phone and get up to a $300 trade in value

You: Don't play bait and switch with me

You: my est trade in value on your site is $44

ALISHA: With the $15 month to month discount this is a discount that is only available while not on contract or on device payments. I would not be able to override the system and continue that discount after the upgrade is done

You: Then just get me a $50 discount on theh S7

ALISHA: With the promotion you do receive a promotional code to get more than the trade in you see

You: in any condition?

ALISHA: To receive the promotion it does need to be in good working condition

You: no ... too subjective

You: $50 off or I walk over to AT&T

You: and keep your eyes posted for my posting of this transaction on some customer complaint web site

You: complete with screenshot of dishonest practices

ALISHA: I would hate to lose a valuable customer like yourself. I understand wanting to get the same promotion that we are offering only on device payments and we will most definitely provide the same amount off through adjustment or if you were to call in and get the order done. I'm doing all I can and I have exhausted all my options. I'm going to look thoroughly again to see if there is anything that can be done. I've also notified my supervisor who is busy at this moment but once available they will also look for any options for you as well

ALISHA: With the promotion it does show on the website that this is only for device payment but we will do our best to make sure that going forward this is something that displays on the upgrade page as well for our customersa

You: I have a screenshot that shows otherwise

ALISHA: And we will do all we can to make sure that does not happen again

You: I don't want apologies ... I want a compny that can take action

ALISHA: And that's what we're going to do. We will provide those adjustments to give you what you saw

ALISHA: and going forward this is something that will be corrected so there are no further issues

You: without having to go through 3 levels of bureaucracy

You: and compensate me adequately for pointing out Verizon's dishonest practices

You: If I were billing you as a client for my time you would owe me over $200 by now

ALISHA: Through our chat I've done all I can and exhausted all my options. I want to make sure you're getting the best resolution and my supervisor will have more access to look and see if there are any other options

You: Is he available? Is there another supervisor available?

ALISHA: At the moment that is there are none available and the one I've consulted with is almost ready.

You: I'll wait a little bit longer ... but not much

You: I'll be surfing the other vendors offers in the meantime

ALISHA: Understandable and I thank you for your patience. I do hope you consider staying and we are doing all we can to give you any options that's available

You: i'm getting ready to move on ... fo you have anything eelse to offer

ALISHA: just checking in, they are about to be finish and once they are done I'll send you over. I do want to take the time to thank you for chatting with me and for being such a valuable customer to Verizon.

You: we'll see

ALISHA: Please hold one moment while I transfer you over to my supervisor.

ALISHA has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold…

You are now chatting with STEPHANI

STEPHANI: Thank you so much for holding for me today. I am a supervisor in the chat center. How can I assist you today?

You: Do I need to repeat myself?

STEPHANI: No, I understand that you are wanting a bigger discount because of the issue on the website

STEPHANI: I am sorry that I cant give you any other discounts

You: wow

You: even though you dishonestly place marketing to entice people to upgrade and then don't fulfill?

You: unless they call you out on it

You: does your VP know about your practices

STEPHANI: I understand the situation and do apologize that we are not able to give you any other credits.

STEPHANI: If you are wanting the $20.00 I can give you that today.

You: the checkout puts it at $40

STEPHANI: Other than that, I cant adjust anything additional

STEPHANI: Yes and I will give you $20.00 credit right now

You: even though I have a screenshot of your misleading upgrade

STEPHANI: I am sorry that the system is telling you that information

STEPHANI: I will pass that up to our departments. I will give you the $20.00 credit

You: you are worthless ... alisha already offered the full $40

You: you are backtracking

You: wow

STEPHANI: I am sorry you feel that way. I will give you the $40. Although I didnt not authorize her to offer that. I will honor what she offered you.

You: you do really i have the full chat conversation and proof of Verizon's dishonesty

STEPHANI: I will adjust the $40.00 as she offered to you.

You: Who do you report to?

STEPHANI: I am not at liberty to give names of who I report to. I have given you the $40.00 credit

You: But Verizon is still misleading people

STEPHANI: I am not seeing it as misleading. But will make sure that I let the website team know your thoughts

You: How about we let the internet community decide that

STEPHANI: If you look on line you will see that I have issued the credit of $40.00

You: where?

STEPHANI: Do you see my bill

You: I found it in current balance

You: I'm still not totally satisfied

STEPHANI: Yes, it shows $-40.00

You: I think your practice takes advantage of less computer proficient people

STEPHANI: I understand your feelings and will relay that up

STEPHANI: Any other questions for me?

You: You do understand that I intend to post my findings on consumer websites?

STEPHANI: I cant stop you for doing what you feel the need to do so. I would hope that you tell the entire story. That you were given credits.

You: After complaining excessively about it ... sure

STEPHANI: I wouldnt say it that way.

You: The full chat will be there along with the screenshot ... they can decide for themselves

STEPHANI: Okay, I understand your position. Anything else I can answer for your?

You: no

You: obviously

STEPHANI: Okay, great. Thank you so much for spending some of your Saturday with me. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Having spent some time in customer service for a phone company, I usually side with the customers (I also picked up a habit of reading through complaint sites; what can I say, I guess the outrage at the corporations helped get me through my day, and I found it entertaining enough to continue).

Regardless, I can't see any way to side with you here. You saw something where you didn't think the fine print was clear enough.

They apologized and offered to credit the fee once it appeared, even though that goes against policy (and all the cell companies have been trying to get rid of the 2-year contracts for years). That wasn't good enough - you wanted money now, which could theoretically be used to discount your bill without an upgrade. I get wanting the money now; it's easy for someone in customer service to promise something and not deliver it. Still, that may not be something a 1st-tier agent is allowed to give.

Eventually, you got transferred to a supervisor.

You started demanding things and then started mentioning billing them for your time. Frankly, you came off as an entitled ***. It seems like you went into this looking to find something wrong that you could complain about for a discount.

By posting this online, you actually make Verizon look good, but you come off looking much worse. You got a credit, one that you probably didn't deserve, and then you tried to strike out at Verizon even though they gave you exactly what you wanted.

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