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I was sent a letter stating that I need to pay off my $446.00 balance by 2/17/12 to be eligible for my $500.00 visa card. I paid it off 2/15/12.

I called to inquire about my visa card and I got switched to 3 different people who didn't have a clue to what I was talking about. Finally I got a guy who states that since I paid off my balance, I would be eligible for my Visa card.

, I get a email stating that now I don't qualify. I am not happy

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Pay your bills genius. At $446 you didnt pay your Fios bill for at least three months.

The offer clearly stated that your account needed to be in good standing for 90 days.

Whether you can't read or don't care, it's still your fault and you were treated exactly how you should be. Do you honestly think you can get rewarded for being in arrears?

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