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I called Verizon to change my phone service to reduce cost.

I called four times and got FOUR DIFFERENT STORIES as to what services were available and at what cost.

Of course, they ONLY tell you about the most expensive options, like those are the only ones available. They ARE NOT!

The total list of calling options IS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE ONLINE!

Then the rep lied to me about what was included in the package he wanted to sell me. He knew exactly what features I needed and he told me they were included. When the service began, I found out that the SEVICES I NEEDED WERE NOT INCLUDED, BUT WERE OPTIONAL AT AN ADDITIONAL COST. THIS IS CALLED "BAIT AND SWITCH", FORCING YOU TO PAY MORE LATER FOR A DEAL YOU WOULD HAVE REFUSED INITIALLY IF THE PERSON HAD BEEN COMPLETE AND HONEST.

Without landline competition, Verzon can abuse customers as much as it wants.

Do what you can to go elsewhere for phone services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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My wife and I only occasionally use our cell phones. On the lowest plan with Verizon, we were paying about $100 per month or nearly $1 per minute for the time used.

My wife went with a Verizon prepaid plan. The rep told her that the minutes that she paid $50 for would not expire for 6 months. When the account was set up, we found out that the minutes expired in only 3 months. This is still better than $50 per month but double what we were told.

I contacted Verizon about switching my plan to prepaid but they told me that I couldn't use my Treo 755P on the prepaid network. After some research, I found Pageplus Wireless, a Verizon reseller. I set up an account with them using my Treo phone. $25 purchased 400 minutes that won't expire for 4 months.

That's $6 per month or just over 6 cents per minute.

This is a savings of 88%. My wife will be switching to Pageplus when your current minutes expire.


Screwed. Lied To.

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