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To Whom it may concern,

I received another invalid collection statement today.

Verizon Wireless has confirmed with me via phone on multiple occassions that their attempt to collect an overdue balance is an error in their billing system.

This started in June of 2009. I called and settled 100% of all debts with a company supervisor who noted that a second account had been started under my name by a CSC in error.

I again called in July of 2009 and spoke to a CSC who reviewed and confirmed their billing error and they said they would fix it.

I received another bill in August of 2009, called again and requested a supervisor who again confirmed that there was an error and for me to ignore the bill.

Nothing appeared in my mail during September and I thought the matter was resolved.

Another bill appeared in October of 2009, I again called and requested a supervisor. The supervisor advised she needed to research the problem and call me back with a resolution within an hour. They never called. I went ahead and returned the bill with a letter stating the bill was invalid according to my records, and Verizon Customer Service.

November of 2009, I called again, explained the situation and was advised the supervisor had corrected the problem and not to worry about it anymore, I wouldn't hear from Verizon again.

March 1, I get a letter from a collection company demanding payment for a debt I never created, and never owed.

I have spent over 8 hours on the phone with Verizon from the start of this whole mess and can only get them to admit their mistake, but not do anything about it.

I am now passed pissed and am contacting my attorneys for harrassment.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1194999

I have the "Exact Same Issue" !

Can you tell me how it was resolved for you ?


I have not been harrassing. I am positive I don't owe the money, every associate I speak to says I don't owe the money.

I recieved a letter of apology last week stating they have corrected my account and sent a letter to the credit ratings they use stating it was their error and to please clear my records of any issues. The day after I got the letter, Verizon called and asked for the full amount again.



your the one being harrasing, are you sure you dont owe the money.

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