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We tried to take advantage of an offer from Verizon to add DirecTV to our phone and internet for a total of $99/month. We signed up, we asked them to confirm we would pay only $99/month, Verizon people said yes we would only pay $99/month.

We are paying the same $81/month for phone and internet PLUS a bill from DirecTV form $80/month. Nice scam!

We cancelled after making MULTIPLE attempts for them to make good on their deal.

Don't fall for it. Boycott DirecTV and let them know customers won't put up with bait & switch.

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Verizon Triple Play sounds good when offered at $99 per yr plus tax and local fees for 2 yrs with no contract. Throw on top of that free Starz package for 12 months and no activation fee....

Buyer beware, make sure you get something in writing from Verizon before you fall for this scam. First bill showed a lock of 12 months not 24 months, we were charged for Starz package, and you guessed it... activation fee of $49.99 included.

The only saving grace, no annual contract so see ya Verizon... hope your short gain was worth it vs keeping me as a long term customer!


We also signed up for the triple plan, only to be billed over 200.00 amonth, after numerous calls, we got a rep. who told us oh no we couldn't afford to charge you only 99 a month for all that, my husband said well thats not what the contract or salesman said that came to our house, so much for honoring a contract!

Why does the consumer have to be stuck with a bogus contract for 24months, what a rip! I also have the ad from the sunday paper that advertises the triple bundle for 99.00 a month for 24 months how can they get away with false advertising?


:( :( my first bill was not the $99 that i was told it would be. when i called to complain and find out why my bill was so high. they told me that someone did not put the correct plan on my acct, and there is nothing they can do this bill cycle.


I was ASSURED- many times- that my monthly bill would be $114-. $117.

It NEVER happened- my bills averaged bet. $123.-$134. per month. Everytime i called i got assured that ,yes, the price i was quoted was correct.

Everytime some convoluted excuse. Now i have bills so complex i don't think a CPA could figure thenm out.

Avoid Verizon like the plague- thats what i tell friends and biz associates. :? :( :( :( :(


I signed up for Verizon triple bundles including Fios TV + Internet + Phone for a promised price of $114.99. First month bill came with $224.

Call and complaint with no help. DON"T FALL FOR IT.


Verizon Triple play is a bait and switch SCAM. When i signed up i was assured my TOTAL bill each month would be $114.

to $116. each month for phone , internet & Direct TV. Guesss what ? Not ONCE was it that amount.

Each month i would call about it, go thru major waiting on the phone, and then be told some complicated story about how it will work out to be the amt. quoted per month at the end of the year. Guess what??? That did not happen.

I am still paying between $142. & $132. month.

I cant believe a major company just out & out lies to its customers! Its what i would expect from some fly by night scam company!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #136265

Ebay and Pay Pal Suck! Both are a rip off and steal your CASH!

Don\'t USe Ebay, what Ever you do. :(

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #136261

Ebay is a Scam!!!! BEWARE !

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #136259

:( Ebay Suck! this company is a SCAM!!!! They rob the sellers and the Buyers!


Talk about bait & switch...see my other posting Verizon Billing is criminal from 11/08

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