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Verizon has been using my property for years without my consent or without a pre-existing easement. They have refused to remove their equipment or compensate me for the use.

In my case, they erected poles and ran an underground conduit the length of the property. I suspect this experience reflects an earlier practice in older cities and neighborhoods of never acquiring an easement or even obtaining consent. It would be helpful for all to know how pervasive this abuse is.

Are there others with similar experiences? Check and see if Verizon is using your property without an easement, or if it has violated any easement or consent.

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Have it removed or hook a chain to it and remove it yourself, Its your property and if they did not get permission they trespassed. Verizon used to be a good company, Not anymore they scammed me and a neighbor of mine due to bad coverage in our area and new it yet redirected both of us to wirefly with different return if not happy dates to scam us both for deactivation charges. I do not think anyone should use verizon and will put a 4feet by 8 feet bill board in my yard spelling that out plainly


If it's your property and the deed does not list any easements, then it's a no brainer. Just remove the unwanted items from your property.

You can go one better and send Verizon a bill for the disposal.

If you want to go that route, I would suggest sending them a registered letter first telling them they have 30 days to remove the equipment from your property or agree to paying xyz dollars for removal and disposal. Why are you complaining about it when you can be getting your yard back?


I am having exactly the same problem and I want the pole removed!!

to Petulia #1561606

I found cables a ft. From my fence dig under the ground While I wasn’t home.

I was in another state having a liver transplant Verizon cane on my property the front gate was locked and installed their cable a ft on my property for the house next door house The house already has a variance because it is less that 10ft from my fence. What can I do

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