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We bought a $49 phone -- landline -- for a relative as a present. It was a duplicate.

Those unfriendly sob's took 2 hours to return the item (initially refusing) and only CHARGED a $35 "restocking" fee. It took another 30 minutes of being on hold before they would return a $35 connection fee that had not been authorized -- effectively cramming the fee on a card without permission. This company, in my view, is the worst corporation in the US, is completely unfriendly to all consumers and coud care less about the people they are supposed to be serving. They will no longer be servicing me, my wife, my company or anyone else I can convince to drop them on their butt.

In addition to the above, they wasted an hour of my time regarding the purchase of a $700 phone that costs them only a few dollars to build. A HUGE rip off wherever they go. PLEASE do not use this company for anything.

PS -- see their newest "convenience fee" for paying their bill electronically.

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I concur with everything this guy is saying. He was lucky to only have spent an hour. I was on the phone for 5 days in a row! With at least each call being over 45 min. And battling with each person along the way. No one knew what the other was doing. Even with the repair numbers I would give them. I am now facebook friends with one of the more helpful reps. I dealt with. That is how long I was on the phone!!!

And it is still not resolved! Now, my mother is going to completely change her service. But, Verizon will not release her phone number. She will have to get a new home phone number after having it for 45 years!!!

And, all the helpful reps. had the same thing to say about the store people. They do no know what they're doing. They have not been trained on any of the home service issues!!


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