Never, never, never let one of Verizon's telemarketers talk you into changing your service if you are happy with it. I made the mistake of letting them take my home phone service and internet and "bundle" them. I was told that it would save me money (lol) and if I wasn't happy I could have my old service restored exactly as it was with no problem.

My monthly bill increased considerably, so I tried to call to get it changed. It took 4 days of frustation and several hours on hold before I got a real live person. I told him I wanted my phone and internet restored to exactly the way it was before I let them change it. When I got my bill, my internet service went from $29.99 to $37.99 a month.

I just got off the phone with them (after about 45 minutes on hold) and they're telling me that the $29.99 package is no longer available and "there's nothing they can do" except give me a higher priced package. This came from a customerservice supervisor. To make a long story short, I'm looking for a new phone and internet provider.

By the way, if you look at Verizon's website, you'll see a $29.99 internet package offered (with the 1st 6 months free!). Once Verizon suckers you into a contract, they could care less about customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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