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Last month, I tried to order an Internet/ phone service bundle from Verizon online on behalf of my brother, who had no phone service and just moved to Lancaster. I mistakenly signed up for another Verizon plan that was just phone service (because Verizon apparently offers no FIOS in Lancaster).

The next day, when I called to cancel, I was given the runaround. The order # they gave did not match anything in their system. About two weeks later, my brother got an email with the phone # they assigned to him. I called Verizon customer service; they said the phone # was already assigned to someone else, so I need not worry.

I got disconnected when they tried to transfer my call to the billing department for the first time. On the second attempt, no one in that department picked up the phone"”just silence, not even obnoxious "hold Muzak". Last week, my brother got a bill from Verizon for $60 and now their service is interfering with his TimeWarnerCable service. They had no problem accepting my order online for my brother, but now that I'm calling to cancel, I'm told that my brother has to call in person.

I spoke to this woman named Lorinda, who told me I "wasn't authorized" to change or cancel any service for my brother, even though I had his order #'s, social security #, and copies of his email from Verizon. I asked her, "What would you do if I hadn't told you that I was only a relative, if I had pretended to be him? I have all his info right here in front of me." She said, in a really snarky way, "That's true, but I know that it is you and not your brother, so he has to call by seven and authorize you. I CAN'T do anything to help you." She interrupted me a number of times before this last part.

She didn't even want to hear the full problem. This was 8:00 in the morning and I asked her if she would still be there around seven. I think she knew I wanted to avoid talking to her and that's why I was asking.

She probably lied when she said "Yes." If she was telling the truth, no wonder she was cranky and vindictive…Verizon makes their customer service/billing reps work at least 11 hour days! My ordeal still isn't over, but I do know that I would rather stick needles in my eyes than deal with this fraudulent, disorganized, discourteous company ever again!

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You are signing up for service for another individual (regardless of being a relative or not) using someone else' information and your name is not on the account and your calling fraud? Are you ***?

And did you really waste all your time writing that bs up there?... oh yeah...

my bad... you did.

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