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On 12/18/07 I contacted Ms. Paers, sales department (410-265-0824) to subscribe the Phone service.

She offer me the bundle package of Internet & Phone for only $64.99 monthly for a year. She told me that the modem was going to be a one time fee of $19.99.

On 02/10/2008 I received a bill of $63.85 for only phone services charges, which was kind of strange not to see the bundle package on my bill. One week later two of my computers crash with a virus, which I had to replace the hard drive of one of them. On February 14, 2008 we decide to cancel phone and internet service on 02/19/2008, due to the fact that we received phone calls anytime of the day for the previous owner of the phone number.

Also that our computers where attack by virus. On February 15, 2008 I called Verizon to cancel the services and they gave me the order no.324906605. On 02/19/2008 I received a bill of $219.85 I called billing department to ask what is this for and they said that was the charge for internet and phone which I was paying full price since I do not have the bundle special like I requested when I subscribe for the service, also that my DSL service was not cancel. I called 1-877-461-2284 and spoke with Mrs.Washington she explain to me that the person who I spoke the first time (Mrs.Pears) did not gave me the bundle special and my internet service is $80.00 that I had a one year commitment and if I decide to cancel I had to pay a early termination fee of $79.00.

I was completely upset and disturbed listening to all this things said to me by representative of Verizon. I choose to get the service with Verizon because of the bundle special and by the way I never received the RCA camera. I am totally dissapointed with the service provided with Verizon, the people working in the sales department should be fully informed and aware what they are offering before people like me get trap in lies and mistakes made by them. I will never in my life subscribe again for any kind of services with Verizon and this is not going to stop here I will make sure that the word gets spreed on the internet and other media, where customers like me be fully informed what is going on with Verizon.

Also no one told me that the modem was $50.00 and I can not return it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $298.

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Anjou, Quebec, Canada #13184

I have the same problem with my $99.99 bundle pkg. I have overcharged my credit card was used without my permission.

The PA Consumer Protection Bureau won't help and the local consumer help from the news station are rude and he said "well I didn't get you into this situation" since when is expecting when you order a service from a huge co. Verizon and them lying and overcharging you, your fault? Did we know they were going to rip us off? NO!

Did we expect the groups who are supposed help consumers to not care? NO! But that is what is happening. I was told by the news guy that I must be the only one this is happening to because he hasn't seen anything about it.

Duh! because no one will put it on TV.

Medina, Ohio, United States #7133

I just got screwed by them. I was getting a business pkg for $149 that includes phone ,DSL,and direct tv.

I got a bill for over $700 .The bill was only for phone and DSL .Direct TV is a separate bill.

I can never talk to a supervisor or anyone with half a brain.. They are a bunch of scammers.I will be contacting the BBB.

Flanders, New Jersey, United States #4961

Pretty much the same thing happened to me - how did you get out of everything? I went with the bundle - Ditecrtv, landline, internet & wireless - should've been $99 + additional box for TV and wireless bill ($47) - 2 months in a row I've been billed over $250. They cite shipping charges, modem charges and blah, blah, blah. Also, come to find out, I'm loced into a 3 yr commitment w/Directv which will cost me $385 to get out of.

I work during the day and their phone lines are only open from 8:30-6:00pm. I have already spent two hours on the phone with them trying to get things straightened out - to no avail. And i never got my Circuit City gift card or whatever the *** it was they were offering me.

Any suggestions???

Mollie (

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