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Several weeks ago I ordered Wireless DSL from Verizon. I live in the boonies and they are the only ones that offer internet to us. They told me that September 14th was the soonest day they could install the DSL. This date was 3 weeks away. September 14th came and I received a call that I was NOT getting my DSL until the 16th! Verizon had over booked and I was just out of luck. I complained and it went unheard. The 16th came and a technician showed up and hooked everything up and I was so pleased....Until I couldn't receive phone calls! I could make calls but couldn't recieve. I called someone and my name and number showed up as someone I didn't know and a number I didn't know! Here the technician had switched my phone lines in the box out at the road! On the 17th I called Verizon and was GUARANTEED that by 8pm my phone would be fixed. At 2:20pm I lost phone and internet service! When I was finally able to get ahold of Verizon they told me that I was again out of luck and would have to wait until the 18th at 8pm to get service conected again! I complained and complained and it didn't matter...NO ONE CARED!

On the morning of the 18th I called Verizon again and asked if I could get a set time as to when I would get my phone fixed...I have a son that has seizures and I was unable to call 911 for several days...I was then told that I didn't matter, that she couldn't tell me because no one at Verizon knows what is going on and then she hung up on me! I called back only to get the same lady! I told her I wanted a supervisor and she again told me that they couldn't tell me anything either! She finally transferred me and to my surprise the supervisor was helpful! I was told that she was moving me to first on the "ticket" and the technician would be there shortly!

The Technician arrived only to be the same one that had installed the DSL (he was nice!). He told me that he had voided the "ticket" on the 17th thinking it was a mistake! I about hit him! How ***! He then proceeded to tell me that another technician had come out on the 17th to fix the problem with the "mystery" phone number that I had had! So the guys number I had was down while I had it and then he got his back only to shut mine down again! It finally got fixed but I had to do a lot of yelling and they refused to pay for my online testing that I had been in the middle of when my DSL went out and I lost all of my work! Needless to say if I didn't have to have Verizon in order to have Wireless DSL I wouldn't! Their customer service is a joke!

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We have had so many problems over the last month. NOBODY in customer service is worth anything.

Most do not speak good english and it is evident they are from a far off country. Have spent countless hours on phone with nothing but incompentence longer than a month. Be prepared it takes hours and hours yet nobody can fix the problem.

*** with titles. We are beyond fed up.

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