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I recently became unemployed and disabiled. I was a long term Verion everything customer. My wife had to take over my bills including all my verizon accounts.Instead of simply switching her name for billing from mine, Verizon made us close all my accounts and shut off our Phone / Internet/ TV / and wireless cell phones. The said we would only be down during the day that they had to send a tech in to reinstall our Fios system which was working fine. They also made us purchase a new contract at a higher price than our previous services.Well they were able to remotely turn everything off and then because they went on strike did not show up to turn it back on. I am without any contact to the outside world being held hostage by verizon strikers.My fire alarm, burgaler alarm, Phone are all out. I cannot call the police, fire department, ambulance doctor etc.

Verizon tells me that They cannot turn on my services without a landline Tech doing it even though they were able to turn it off while they were on strike.I have spent 3 days on the phone (at a neighbors)and internet trying to get them to remotely turn on my services. All I have gotten was a complete runaround with many lies from customer support.

The bottom line is that the strikers should not be able to walk out on an installation that was contracted before the strike. They should be fired and Verizon should send a subcontractor in to finish their outstanding orders.Phone service should not be considered entertainment and is a fital necssity. It should be government regulated as a utility.

I am more than pissed I want their heads. Fire their *** and get the consumers a union to protect us!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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The *** with Verizon. They are the worst.

They overcharge for everything they offer. The workers have a right to strike.

You should be pissed with the fat-cat exec's who feel their million dollar salaries, black town cars all over N.Y. and expensive dinners are more important then a decent middle class living.


Ok Tony, how about you quiet down and pay attention. First of all a CELL PHONE can ALWAYS call 911.

This is an emergency service that was made to accommodate people in case of an emergency. Second of all you have no *** clue what Verizon's rules are. So just for you I will explain it nice and slow. They are not required to give their last name.

If they choose to that is their choice but there is no law stating they have to give you that. Also they are no longer ALLOWED to give an employee id so before you decide to *** and moan and act like you know what your talking about how about you actually check your *** facts.


First off, just to clarify this. Grailwolf stated you can call 911 without service.

This is false, you can not call 911 without any service even though 911 is an emergency number you need service to call it(in other words you need a phone/phone access to call 911).

And verizon's customer support is seperated into many different departments which don't work with or cooperate with each other. They cause verizon's customer support to be like this.

Then they go balming it on the strike and sometimes refuse to give out their full name and operator ID which they are supposed to do. This frustrates me, I imagine you AlienGuitar are in the same boat.


Verizon has decided to stay open for business so they are responsible for providing the customers with service and support. Do NOT accept the strike as an excuse from Verizon. If they cannot provide you with service they should not only give you discounts and credits they should be able to turnover the work to other companies wether it be contractors or other service providers.

Inform your state utility regulators and Federal Communications Commission if they cannot get you service in a reasonable amount of time. Keep pressing them for service. But also start shopping around other service providers.

Good Luck


AlienGuitar - it's not the workers responsibilty to uphold the contracts between Verizon and the Consumer. Its Verizons responsibility to make sure they have workers in place to meet the customers needs, and Verizon has failed to do that, by their greed and unwillingness to cooperate during this time.

They can send you out one of their management fill-ins, but being that they are not properly trained, this could be more of a hinderance then a help. You should be complaining to Verizon, instead of complaining about the workers.


Just so you know, if you have an emergency you can still use the mobile phone for 911 service. All mobile phones will access 911 even if there is no service connected to the phone.

Sorry you're having this problem, but I hope this can at least set your mind at ease on that one point. Good luck!

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