My wife and I were regularly dealing with the Verizon franchise store on Culver and East Ridge Rd, in Rochester, NY. Recently though, we noticed constant turnover in sales reps; every time we went in, there was a whole different crew.

We had a bill for nearly $400, and we were lucky enough to come into some extra money to pay it off. We received our recipt, and thought we were good. A week later, we get text messages and rude Verizon collectors calling to tell us we need to pay. This upset us greatly.

They said there was no record of any payment. After over a month of us continually sending and resending our recipt, Verizon reluctantly accepted it. If you live in Rochester, please DO NOT USE THIS STORE. THEY ARE SCAMMING YOUR MONEY.

The Verizon folks were doubtful of our story from the beginning, and not helpful or sympathetic to our issue. When our contract runs out, we are going elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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