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My sister and I wanted to buy a $19.99 phone at the Verizon store in the Melbourne, Fl. mall.

The clerk suggested a $69.99 phone with a $50.00 rebate. I was doubtful because I had already lost a rebate. She made it easy for us, she put all the rebate paperwork in an envelope, addressed the envelope and said "all you have to do is put a stamp on it". Cool.

A few weeks later I received a card stating they were missing information from the box. Well it turns out the clerk did not place all the necessary information in the envelope. I took the phone back to the Verizon store in the mall. I was told "This clerk is a very nice girl, she would never do that.

We always informs our customers of rebate requirement and you are being ugly in my store." I told the them she didn't this time and I have witnesses". They didn't care because I no longer had the box. I went to a corporate store and they said "No Way" we are corporate we don't deal with their non-corporate issues". I ask them to replace the phone with a cheaper one, you guessed it, not without the box!

I went home, I was so frustrated. I then called the number on my monthly service bill and within 10 minutes my rebate was approved, without the box. Cool. My question?

Why were the local stores unable to solve this problem.

I must say I was very angry. I wanted to inform the mall store of the outcome but their phone has been busy for two days - all day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Deal.

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So sad, u r sad.


i got a late christmas present my girlfriend bought me a mifi devise on dec 29 and the cleark said it probably wont work when you get home but it should by the next day well it turns out we were given a defective device so we called the store in the mall and a nice guy said he would send us a replacement via fedex so ok a couple days go by and fed ex showes up with a battery and a battery cover so acouple more days go by i call the store back where is the replacement unit well after trying to track it and looking he found they sent it to our po box and has been there for three days so ok i go and get it and try to put it together and the battery cover is for a extra large battery so the battery wont stay in the unit and by the way the replacement is a different brand and is certified used so now we have 2 no good pieses if *** and i get a email saying the origional mifi wasnt sent back in time and want to charge me 500 dollars for it talk about adding insult to injury i still dont have a working device and im into day 10 but have only had the replacement for about 18 hours. now i called the store and blew up so now i get to drive the 130 mile round trip to the mall to try and get some service.

what a nightmare christmas present so far. von


So sad, You really enjoy bashing people towards their intelegence, you should not be allowed to post on this site, You spend more typing bashing people than you do addressing the real issue


Next time don't buy from a Verizon Wireless authorized reseller buy directly from a Verizon Wireless corporate store. This is the chance you take when you buy from an authorized reseller, since most resellers only care about making a sale.

As for the Verizon store you bought the phone from a reseller and not from Verizon so the corporate store is not responsible for what a reseller does for you.

Also how do you expect to return a phone with a box. Common sense which you obviously lack is all it takes to resolves the issue.

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