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Evrytime I have to call verizon I am put on hold for hours. Very often I never get through to them.

I am sicj of this stinking lousy customer service, frustrated. This is not right to treat customers with such littlee respect. Please don't use Verizon. Protest against them by not using any of there services.

I promise you you will regret using them. I will get rid of them as soon as my contract is up with them.

I waited 2hrs then they get disconnected. They keep adding more money ot bill all the time and they say I have to pay

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I have been dealing with Verizon's customer service seems like forever now. They charge me for things that should not even be put on my bill, they charge me for movies that I paid for on demand but won't let me watch them, my bill every month should be no more than 130.00 and it's always over 200.00.

When I call customer sevice I stay on the phone for 1 hour or so, repeating everything that I told the last rep, because they don't seem to know what I am talking about. I had a problem one time being transferred over from one person to the next, so I finally ask for a supervisor and the supervisor got on the line with me, and she was more rude to me than the representive. Long story short we actually have 2 cable services which is Comcast & Verizon and one is just as bad as the other!!!!!! We need more choices for those who are really getting cheated by these companies.

All I have to say is SHAME ON YOU FOR TREATING HARD WORKING INDIVIDUALS WITH NO RESPECT!! They don't want to help or hear the customers complaint, but they want their payment every month, and if you don't pay because you are standing for what you know is right, they shut your service off.

It seems like a NO WIN situation here. Good Luck!!


I am done with them. I had a problem since they installed 18 months ago where suddenly my internet and TV and phone would all suddenly stop working correctly. They argued with me about it and finally they reset the main box outside the house. The problem would resolve each time. Then one of the customer service reps decided it has to be my computer even though the issue mirrored on an ipad, on an iphone but when I connected them through 3G there was not the same issues.

The last guy went remotely onto my computer and deleted system files that resulted in my PC crashing when it was restarted.

I told him that I wanted to speak to a supervisor, went through all the issues and said that even an *** can tell by process of elimination that the issue is to do with the outside box because only when it was reset did the problems resolve for a few days each time.

YES, I have had to phone them usually every few days, at best a couple of weeks have gone by between calling them.

I told them that I was at the point that I would be contacting an attorney to have the problem resolved one way or the other.

The supervisor flustered and said that they would sent a technician out to fix the fault.

Sure enough next day they send out a latino technician who could barely speak english. I was actually talking facetime with a friend that speaks spanish and I had the door open and the repairman was at the door and said to the person he was talking to on the phone


My friend told me the transaction and when the technician said that it was an invasion of his privacy for that to be translated I told him that this ****** white man was asking him to leave that I am not going to be insulted in a foreign language and that I didn't care if my service was not working correctly that I am going to see Verizon in Court and that I have recordings of all phone calls and witness to the racist insult by him.

He seemed flustered and then he reported to them that I was not home, obviously since I got a text message asking if I would arrange a new appointment.

Well sorry Verizon but why would I want another technician come out to be insulted.

It is bad enough that I spent all this morning having to reinstall windows from scratch and set up all my software and data again because I was *** enough to deal with a condescending technician over the phone and online and also deal with a racist technician at home.

Sorry if you feel that I have made an attack on the technician that came to the door but I have to state the facts as they are.


Verizon devalues its customers so much! Wouldn't let me get a business phone because "the business does not have a credit history". I am the owner and have been paying verizon for more than 4 years, no late payments and they wouldn't let me get a landline phone...


Got rid of them. After my contract ended, my bill went up from $95 to $233 and if they said if I renewed the contract, my bill would still be over $200. Sorry, kicked them to the curb.

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