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I bought 3 phones from a strore that had VERIZON on it in big BOLD RED letters only to find out later it was a Auth. Rep store and a bunch of CONS operated it.

First they charged me the full retail price of the phone and made me sign a 2 year contract on each phone, they also demanded 500.00 deposit per phone.

A few months later while at the real Verizon Phone store I discovered I had been ripped off by the Auth rep store.

I complained to Verizon Customer service, but they would not help me.


After a year and a half of paying a sky high bill due to the Full retail price on each phone purchased, I called and ask where my Deposit refund is.

VERIZON tried to tell me they paid 2 refunds, both stated at approx 120.00.

When I said BS, thats not even the correct amount, and its never been recieved.

Customer Service hung up on me.

I called back and got another customer service rep.

He could not find a thing on my deposits, proving the 1st rep was flat out lying.

I demanded my deposits returned, Rep said if they had any they were being HELD for poor payment history.

I advised them, my history was fine, there was a balance forwarder each month untill I paid off all 3 phone at approx 500.00 a whack.

Now they will not let me talk to a supervisor..

I am MAD AS ***


Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

Cry me a freaking river!

You willingly went in to a store. You willingly signed your name on a contract. You willingly shelled out your money. Did anyone at any time hold a gun to your head and threaten your life in any way?

Here's my take. You were in a hurry. You were hungry and McD's had a special on all thier gereeseburgers and you wanted to slobber down a few dozen. so you rushed in to this store, slapped your sig on some paper without reading it. Those burgers won't eat themselvs now will they? Slapped down yer credit card wishing they would move faster yer really really really hungry and you get yer phone and rush over to McD's to get yer fix of greese and fat.

How close am I?

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