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The new Verizon software v1.9 for standard SetTopBoxes is HORRIBLE! It is EXTREMELY SLOW and doesn't come close to the ease of use that v1.8 did.

I have my controller set show "favorites" when I press the Guide button. Under v1.8, the guide would display with the channel I was watching highlighted. Now, it displays showing a channel 1, 2 or more channels up from the channel I am viewing. (Ex.

Channels 5, 7 & 9 are set as favorites and you are watching 9. When "favorites" are set to toggle, and you press guide, the display shows that channel 5 is highlighted.) If you have an HD STB and set it the same way, when you sellect Guide, the channel you are watching displays as the selected channel in the guide. Verizon doesn't report this to their tech support(less) because they don't want to acknowledge the POOR SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING! They want to SELL YOU SOMETHING YOU DON'T NEED!

Why would I want to be charged an additional $11 a month for a STB that doesn't work for my standard screen? Verizon needs to SUPPORT its products!

Verizon - The NEW "MA BELL". They know what's best for you...

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