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Let me start by saying my complaint is regarding Verizon. A few years ago, I decided to change phone companys regarding my land line.


I did a considerable amount of research before choosing Verizon. An important feature I required was having my call forwarded to my cell phone if I did not answer by the second ring because I am the president of an animal rescue organization and am well aware of the number of calls I receive and the urgency involved with these calls. During my conversation with Verizon, I was told that my request was possible and I would be charged a monthly fee for this service which was somewhere around $4.00 (definitely under $10) a month in addition to my regular monthly bill. I agreed to this arrangement and began my new service with Verizon.

After one month, I received my bill which I expected to be under $50 as per our arrangement. To my surprise, my bill was $405! I was sure there was a gross mistake since I had not made any international calls and all long distance calls had been made from my cell phone which was a different carrier altogether. When I called Verizon, I was told that in addition to the monthly charge for forwarding calls to my cell phone, there was a 10 cent charge per forwarded call!

I was shocked and vehemently disputed these charges claiming that I was never told about the 10 cents per call additional charge. Verizon would not budge and I requested that the recording of the conversation which they claim they make "for quality assurance" be pulled up as evidence to support my case. It was never done and I was told that the charges would not be taken off of my bill. I was furious and stated that, knowing full well how many calls I receive per month regarding the animal rescue work, that I would have NEVER agreed to this plan had I been told!!!

Verizon could not have cared less and I immediately refused to pay it and cancelled my service with them. It is several years later and the bill has gone to a collection agency and has now affected my credit. How dare they???!!! Can anyone suggest any recourse for this company's blatant theft and strong armed tactics?

I have told every Verizon collection caller as well as every independent collection agency caller about the situation and they have all been unfazed.

Please, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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EVERY phone company charges a fee for forwarding your calls. Yu should've done more research before signing up.

Pay your bill and get over it.

But then again I agree with George and I think this is bogus. Thats way too many calls a day.


$405 bucks, plus your termination, plus your final phone bill, plus late fees, and you signed up with a different carrier, purchased new phones probably worth 100-200$ and activation fees, plus interest on collection fees, you spent double the amount. You should have just paid it and never did forwarding again.

Every phone company charges for forwarding once your minutes are all used up. Its the same everywhere you go but now your reception probably sucks because you don't have verizon and probably will never have them again.


I smell BS, no one can take 4050 calls a month, thats 135 calls a day.

pay your bill.

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