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I had service with Verizon on their FiOS Service, every month they have a different bill, and some times they make changes on my account that I did not order. I called one day because I received a $449 bill, and was advised that my phone service order will go through soon.


Their sales rep are making sales, and if you do not check your bill every month Verizon will steal your money.

Bottom line do anything before you go to Verizon FiOS Service. Employees Do NOT Care and Rude once you are ready to disconnect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $449.

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I've had exactly the same experience. When I fiest signed up, I was supposedly going to pay $89.99.

Then I was told the DVR's were extra. When my bill was different the next month, I was told I paid in advance. Every month my bill is different. They're using my debit card as their personal banking account, inventing reasons why my bill has crept up to $174.00.

My neighbors went up to $295.00 with no changes. Isn't this illegal?

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