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Verizon 3 times, and nothing but a nightmare.

1. It was ISDN in 1997. After 2 months and being treated like somebody that had no sense, and it was my fault, we left.

2. 2.5 yrs ago. Had DSL, and mind you, half my neighborhood still has DSL, the following happened.

My DSL bombed, and the Verizon Tech came into my house and refused to fix anything and said this.

The SCC says, you have to have Verizon Phone, we can't come into your house. I said, I need proof, on wrote, this, I want Name,credentials and date it was written, or otherwise that is downright discrimination. Never got it, period

Now, mind you, the CEO of Verizon refused to open his mail or read his mail, or TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR his company.

I had to wait for FIOS folks.

So July got FIOS, this lasted for little over a yr. One day, we had a billing problem, and paid the bill.

4 days later, still no service, but i was talking to supervisors all over the country and NOBODY would make a managerial decision to turn on our service. I even called the CEO's office. Again, he and any other VP or supervisor etc that I called, refused to take responsibility for this customer.

Also Verizon did this. They promised me, up and down that they were going to help me, network my computers. I got tired of the promises, and the totally incompotent people, and I mean, so incompotent that it was downright laughable. Ended up calling GEAK squad from Best Buy. By the time, GEEK squad showed up, Verizon finally called, and I told them, that they were a day late, and a buck short, GEEK Squad just showed up. And that my bill, forget it. It won't be paid.

Last but not least.

I even worked for the company as a contractor for a while. In the DSL customer SVC dept for that manager.

They had many many customer complaints in the DSL customer svc section. People were dumping verizon for everything under the sun (believe me), anything but Verizon. What did they do it, blame it on the customer. I took a look at the complaint list one day and came to this solution. They need to get rid of the CSR's, not make it a customer issue (blame it on the customer).

A conclusion, the CEO IVAN Seidenburg, needs to take responsibility for his company instead of letting a manager, VP etc do it.


There are better companies instead of the big phone company (Verizon), or whatever their latest name change is.

I then said this. Well, they had their chance, I think the cable company would like a customer.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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