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Shortly after I finally got my phone installed by Verizon, I received my bill. Talk about a SHOCKER! I had had just TV and internet and the Verizon guy who sold me on adding phone (as well as making some other changes to my account) told me that my bill would stay right about the same as I\'d been paying. When the bill came it was about $70 more than what I\'d been paying.

After I\'d negotiated the automated \"press 9 to get disconnected\" system I finally was connected with a wonderful woman named Joy. I calmly explained to her my problem, telling her what the guy at the mall kiosk had sold me and the fact that Verizon hadn\'t even come to install the phone for 10 days.

She went through all of my records and said whoever had told me that my bill would be the same was sorely mistaken. I told her that I didn\'t even want the phone, the only reason I\'d added it was because I was told the triple play would be cheaper for me in the long run.

Long story, short Joy removed the phone from my account, credited me for the 10 days I didn\'t even have it installed, and made some other changes to my account to bring my bill down to what I\'d expected.

Joy was WONDERFUL! It\'s a pity that she had to clean up all the messes of other Verizon workers, but she was professional, helpful, and actually listened to me and my problems. She even gave me her direct phone number so I didn\'t have to navigate the automated system if, for some reason, my next bill isn\'t correct.

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I changed my Verizon services recently from just internet/FiOS TV to internet/FiOS TV/land phone.

Verizon sent me an email June 5th saying my phone service had been turned on. No instructions on accessing the service or even what my phone number was. Numerous hours spent trying to sort this out. Finally, they send a tech who showed up almost 2 hours late. My appointment was 8AM-12, he showed at 1:49. I showed him my written communications showing the times promised. He showed me his written schedule showing much different times.

Finally my phone is up and running, 10 days after I started paying for it.

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OK, Service Tech, then why not tell the customer the window is 8-2? And explain to me why they tell the customer 8-12, but that customer is on the service tech's schedule as 3 PM?

I get that "anything can happen" on other calls, but I resent having to give up a day of work AND a day of pay, because Verizon can't get their act together.

I resent you trying to put a spin on this saying "...the customer either doesn't listen or gets upset and wants to argue with the agent about the purposes of this window..." I wasn't told of the 2 hour extension, either when the appt. was made, when I called to confirm, when the automated call called to reconfirm, or when the automated call called to reconfirm the reconfirmation. Bottom line, Verizon dropped the ball on this one.


Even with a window of 8am-12 doesn't mean a technician is GUARANTEED to be there at 12. Usually there is another, sometimes undisclosed, 2 hours (just in case) window to allow the technician a little breathing room "JUST IN CASE" he gets tied up at a previous installation site.

The support agent usually verifies customers of this but 9 times out of 10 the customer either doesn't listen or gets upset and wants to argue with the agent about the purpose of this window. (I have already had this call plenty of times, and trying to explain this to a customer is like trying to explain to them rocket science).

I even have customers try to tell me that their situation should take priority and they should be first one the list! Anything can happen at a previous installation site that could keep the technician at the location until he is done with the installation and once he is done he moves on to the next site.

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