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I have had Verizon for at leat 9 years. I guess I am a slow learner, but I will definitely dump them when the contract that I am being held hostage to expires.

My husband ended his slavery to Verizon when his contract expired, but they are now trying to charge an early termination fee. I spoke to one customer service rep and he said, "No problem; there appears to be a mistake. We will fix it." A week later, I called again because there had been no adjustment to my bill, and the new customer service rep suddenly finds a reason that the adjustment should not be made. Why did the first rep not find this????

My experience with Verizon is that whenever a change is made in the plan, extra fees and services will be on the bill forcing me to call and raise *** so that they are removed. Customer service is always friendly and apologetic, but it seems like the company is set up to charge extra fees in hopes that they won't be noticed in order to increase profits. I will never set up an auto pay with them because of frequent problems with "extra" fees. I am now determined to find a no-contract company as soon as my time with Verizon is up.

Moral of story-Check you bill! Beware of added and incorrect charges.

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