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so here it goes,pay for a month 700 min mine and my wifes cell, cancelled hers two weeks in to the month and receive no credit for the remaining two weeks,i keept my but figure i dont need 700 min, so i switch to 450min, so they prorated 2 weeks for that service a charge of 50 bucks plus taxes 80 total, so i tough that sucks i wiil teach them and cancelled mine too 5 days in to the month,and gess what, they charge me for the whole fricking month.they prorated when you signup how about when you cancell,is like going to a movie pay ten dollars half way trough cuts out do you get tour money should.or how about there employees do they get pay for 40 hrs in advance and hope they come in and work for fourty and if not do they get to keep it.oh well live and learn not going back thats for sure

Monetary Loss: $130.

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