I got a phone with Verizon in Dec 2006.

Right away I was unable too use my phone in my house. I had ATT before and it worked fine,but,no signal through Verizon.I switched phones 3 times and still didn't work. Then,they said I couldn't turn off my phone because I had passed the cut off, BUT,I was assured it would be ok since I was having problems. Also the "deal" I signed up for,that the woman at the store gave me,well, they didn't set it up right and I got billed over $1000!!!!!

After 5 months of fighting the fixed the bill,BUT,since I wouldn't pay till bill was right,they put me in collections and the worlds worst collection agency,Allied Interstate got me, and harassed me 12-14 times a day for 6 months.Verizon wouldn't accept payment and I refused too pay Allied who were calling me a "F'ing deabdeat" on the phone.

Avoid Verizon.Their reception sucks,customer service agents lie and the use the worst collectors.

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how is being an INVESTIGATOR going to do anything? You need an ATTORNEY.


:zzz this is insane, but entertaining.

Saint Helens, Oregon, United States #26450

:( Ultimately this may, if allowed, either by me or via other graces, be the one case I've seen, of all the complaints I've read, that if people knew what I know, got it into court, and exposed through discovery,that exposed Verizon, Allied interstate, whatever they've done to col-lections w/ changes to obscure truths, and others employed at verizon,to be corrupt and irredeemably influenced.

In short, I'm this day dedicating my 21 years as a state licensed private investigator to whatever may come,if the cause is anti-verizon, it is by nature more likely than not, a just cause.

These people are evil. The company from merger to date has devolved in its practices and damages to our society. My records and memory go back to 2006 and before perhaps back to 2000 or 2001 with somewhat less clear memory due to time passage and life as time passes and people move etc.

I say little here, but this minor announcement will be my point of reference as to when my life is from now on until I see resolution or state I'm withdrawing my opposition to the

very essence of corporate greed, and human evil, which I see


as the worldly representative of that

foul word, and only fitting word for evil, as to be exemplar in the name Verizon.

Bessides, I havent decided how to proceed. I am only stating that I will offer free services and advise of a pro investigator to any and all whom I agree to assist, if they are victimized by this company or it's many subsidiaries and affiliates.

CAUTION: Verizon will go to any lengths to win in a case like this.

6 billion dollars plus can buy and *** a lot of good intentions.

If you are not a fighter for right and good, please dont seek the services.

All Verizon employees are disqualified for guilt by association is

prefered (as wrong as it seems)from

any free assistance, or help which may or not be implied with this small word.

six billion dollars

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