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A little over 3 weeks ago I purchased a Samsung Galaxy III phone from Verizon.

The exact store is:

224 North Weber Road,

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

(630) 226-4660

When I purchased the phone the person who sold me the phone told me that I had 30 days, If I was not completely satisfied with the phone I could return it and get my money back. However, he assured me that I would LOVE my new phone.

I had just come off using a Blackberry for 4 years with no problems AT ALL! I loved that phone, but I thought it would be nice to get up to the 21st century phone standards and get a touch screen phone. Well, I went for the best…… or so I thought.

As soon as I got my new phone in the car, I started using the speaker phone hands free. The speakerphone began to cut in and out and the person, my husband whom I most speak with could not understand what I was saying. I used the speakerphone on my Blackberry without issue. I did not think much of it because I was so happy to have my new phone. I thought maybe I was just in a bad area etc… Well the issue persisted also when I called my bank, my husband's mother, my mother and it did not matter where I was the speaker phone did not work properly. Then my phone started to drop calls. Again, I thought it may have been the area, but it started happening a lot. So now I was really beginning to wonder. Having though I was still under the 30 DAY warranty, I gave it a few more days. I began having to take out the battery to reset the unit because apps where disappearing and when I went to re-install them the unit indicated that app was already on my phone and wanted to know if I would like to uninstall the app. I had to once again take out the battery and have the unit restart. Well, I could not take it anymore. With all of the things going wrong only a couple of weeks after purchase, I had to go into the store and see what they could do for me. I went in and explained my situation to the manger who was greeting people at the door, I think her name was Katie or something like that. She put me in line on her IPad just like everyone else for someone to assist me. I was assigned to a very pleasant associate who took the battery out of my phone and said try this to see if this works for you. I, not knowing very much about the technology said ok and walked out of the store. Well it kept on getting worse. I went back to the store on Sunday, September 30th 2012 asking for my money back or a new replacement for the phone. They would not assist me. I started with a regular associate and went up the chain finally getting Katie (the store manager) who repeated everything that everyone else said. So, obviously, she has no managerial skills at all. She stated that they would have to totally reset my phone to see if some apps where conflicting etc. Isn't that what you purchase a Smartphone for??? To put apps on it and calendars etc. I just downloaded a calendar and Xfinity because that is what I have my e-mail on. I don't' think that was the issue, but you could not tell Katie anything.

I wanted a new phone replacement or money back as I spent $300.00 dollars on this phone. She would not have it. She said we have to go through the proper trouble shooting because I was out of the 14 day return policy!!!!. OMGsh 14 days???? I was told 30! Had I known this, I would have gotten my money back the first time I took the phone in for the issues I was having. At that time, I was still under the 14 day policy! I proceeded to express my opinion to everyone in the store stating "Don't buy a Samsung Galaxy III" They are pieces of ***. Well, needless to say Katie did not like that and she set my phone down in front of me and said, if I am going to swear, she is not going to help me. Ok, then I re-worded my statement to tell everyone in the store "Don't buy a Samsung Galaxy III they are pieces of garbage" I cleaned it up a little, but still got my point across. I also told her that I would blog about it and send a letter to the corporate office of both Samsung and Verizon. I don't think that she believed me, but here I am taking my time for this stuff. Time I don't have much of, but I feel very strongly about this situation. I was lied to and Katie had the nerve to tell me that if I get a replacement phone from them, it would be a refurbished unit even though I just purchased the unit 3 weeks earlier. THAT is unacceptable by any standards!!!

Needless to say I left the store totally dissatisfied with Verizon's customer service and the Samsung Galaxy III phone. I have not put any unusual apps on my phone nor have I downloaded a new calendar to my phone and I am still having the same issues with dropped calls and bad speaker phone. I will not put any time into this phone for them to tell me they need to reset the whole darn thing again! I am not going to bother going back to that Verizon store, because I know that they will not lift a finger to do anything about it.

My husband wants an IPhone 5. We will not be purchasing this from Verizon and I will probably eat the cancellation fee and go through AT&T so that my husband can get his IPhone. I will never purchase another thing from Verizon, this is not the first time that that they have let me down.

I hope that this letter, blog, facebook, YouTube note will open some eyes with regard to Verizon customer service and the Samsung Galaxy III phone. I don't know if it will, but with social media as it is, I hope it DOES!

Thanks for nothing Verizon!!!


Donna Rice

Naperville, IL

Monetary Loss: $300.

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A Verizon receipt clearly shows the return policy period of 14 days - including the date of the last day you can return the product. Don't go into a store being difficult and demanding, expecting someone to make exceptions for your lack of attention.

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