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My droid max completely died and i was given (had to paid additional $) a new phone.- Samsung Edge. The phone provided inconsistent texting. I frequently received a message that messaging had stopped. Did i want to report the problem? I choose to report it every other time just to see what hastened.

In addition to the texting problem, my keypad went to black screen when i tried to input numbers. My phone was like an old etch a sketch that had to be held at just the right angle. Totally frustrating.

After getting through to tech support and extensive troubleshooting, a complete factory reset, and over an hour on the phone, two trial texts went through and my keypad appeared to be functioning.

Next day, same issues resurfaced.

i just spent 35 minutes with tech support in a circular discussion. I requested a different model since i do not trust the Samsung Edge i now have. I asked for a supervisor who told me i could pay addiItional $ to get another phone. i have been with Verizon since 2005 and spent a minimum of $25,000 with their company. Despite the supervisor's statement that they want to help me, I have not been helped. I should not have to spend more time and $ to resolve this problem.

Verizon also says my old phone, which was mailed back promptly, has not been received by the warehouse. Two different Verizon tech support personnel have told me the warehouse processing is slow and it may take up to 45 days to acknowledge my phone has been received. Meanwhile, Ii am getting canned messages staying I may be charged yup to $500 if my phone is not received.

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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