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I purchase the Droid 3 during a sales promotion that required you to purchase one and receive on free, well one of the Droids was defective. When asked to replace the droid that was defective, I was told because there were none in stock and it had to be shipped to me; I had to put up an addition 209.00, and they would credit me back when I came in to activate it. Please tell me what is wrong with this picture.

I already spent that amount along with accessories, and had to wait for it to be delivered to me, which was suppose to be over night. Purchased it on Saturday, and received it the following Wednesday. (that's over night?) for a total of 469.00. Now you want a bounty to replace a defective device? HMMM, I think your idea of customer service is absolutely way out in orbit somewhere. I must pay Verizon to return a Defective device, wait for them to send me a new one and then you will return my funds, what kind of ludicrous nonsense is that.

You just not only lost a wireless customer but I will shut my home service off also, and by the way good luck with that . You may not go out of business, but you will never have my business.

Monetary Loss: $209.

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