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Purchased a new Blackberry 8830 Worldphone 4.5 months ago. Phone has diligently kept in it's original leather holder and never dropped.

Used only 2- times daily. It is pristine. It also has stopped voice prompts with bluetooth. Five different sets have been tried by re-pairing each one and deleting each, resetting digits and rebooting phone.

Nothing works. Yes, I do have eight years of electronic education and understand computers, and virtually everything else technical including multi-million dollar medical imaging computers that I use, that most people will only get to see on discovery channel or read about. I think I can master a simple Blackberry. I was offered a replacement by mail with a REFURBISHED one; or spend more money a new one at the Verizon store.

Replacing this phone after a mere 4 months? With a REFURBISHED one? What if I told you that your pacemaker that we surgically implanted needs to be replaced (by the way, surgically - again - of course)after four months and we are going to use one that we removed from a dead guy, but we cleaned it up and we will place that in you chest. And we will still bill the usual $45-65,000.00 (Subtotal, including tests and hospitalization).

Sounds a little unethical, huh. My three friends; who also own Verizon Blackberry worldphones; and also have PhD's; and incidently have ALSO had problems with their Blackberry worldphone AGREE. ANd I'm sure your reply is: "well that's different". Is it?

We are paying for a phone that is at the top of the food chain (as as far as Verizon phone choices go), and more expensive PDA monthly services. We expect the software to work; and we expect to recieve a like-replacement before a year of ownership. So, next time one of you come to see me to fix your heart, I'll make sure we use USED catheters to trace into your heart's vessels, and we'll make sure none of our software is reliable and ALL THE OTHER AMAZING EQUIPMENT used to save your life during the procedures is either kinda working or not. Good plan, huh?

You want the really scary part? People actually rely on your phones to get a hold of people like me, to come in as a team of professionals to save people like you.

Give that one to your phone engineers. Hopefully we'll see one of them...or maybe not, huh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Plan.

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