- Was paying Verizon 124.99 for a cable, Internet, phone bundle.

- Called in Dec in an attempt to reduce my monthly bill. Thought I was going to end up saving only about $5.

- Received my bill in Jan. My monthly bill went up to 149.98 because the incompetent service rep I spoke to unbundled my services, plus there were 23.15 of extra charges that month because of service changes.

- Called Verizon. Got the bundle price back to 124.99, better Internet than I had before, but fewer channels, and still had the bogus charges on my last bill.

- Called Verizon again and was supposedly handed off to "customer loyalty". The girl who helped me was incompent. Thought I still had the 124.99 package and had the bogus charges removed.

- Received a confirmation email from Verizon. Suddenly I have a package costing 149.99!!!!

- Had to call Verizon again to get it fixed.

- Most Verizon customer service reps appear to be very poorly trained and well to put it frankly, not very intelligent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Welcome to the world of Verizon!

You guessed correctly, about the customer service people NOT being properly trained.

A number of years ago, they used to train them very well, and took pride in the way they were trained and the depth to which they were trained, but no more. Now they are given just enough training to be barely functional at their station, and no more. The company just doesn't care like they used to. The incentive and motivation to care has been taken away, so there is only self motivation left, and that is so overworked now that it is no longer relevant.

The company has removed virtually all pay / benefit incentives from all new hires over the past 10 years that it has become little more than a minimal paycheck to those in the positions now, and many of them are there pending the capture of a better position elsewhere.

While there are still a few who will try to do as good a job as possible, no matter what, they are now in the minority (quantity wise), and in no way can make up for the multitude of those who just can't or won't do the job to the best of possible efforts. (I know these as facts first hand )

Funny Mann
Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #593057

That's funny. I had the same problem.

They do what they can to raise your bill. They hope people will just pay the balance and not check anything. Been there done that.

Good job on keep calling. They really hate people like us that read.

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