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In June 2011, Verizon Internet disconnected my Internet service without my permission. I had never missed a payment in the 2 years I had been a customer nor had I ever been late with a payment.

When I called to find out what was going on with my Internet service, they could not explain why my service was disconnected. I asked them to reconnect my service immediately because I worked from home. They informed me it would take several days and that I had to authorize this in writing and someone had to come to the house. I explained that I did not have several days and needed the service back right away- they said they could not help me.

I told them that I did not need their lousy service and I was done- that I would find another company. I signed up with Cox Internet and had Cox service a couple days later. Verizon never restored my Internet service but they continued to bill me. I called their billing department on several occasions pleading with them to stop billing me for a service I did not have.

They insisted that they did not have any accounts in my name and that I was not a customer. They could not explain where the bills were coming from and why I was receiving them. I tried everything to get them to stop the bills but they could not figure out to stop them. The bills stopped coming after a few months (in 2011).

On February 5th, 2013, I looked up my credit score with Equifax and notice my score went down from 750 to 655 and the reason was because I had an account in collection- Verizon, 500 TECHNOLOGY DR SUITE 300 WELDON SPRING, MO-63304 (877) 325-5156. They claimed on my credit report that I owed them $181. I called Verizon right away and remained on the line for over an hour and a half as they transferred me from one department to another. Their collection department had no record of the account and had never sent me a collection letter.

The representatives could not find my account number and finally another representative found it and began to make the adjustments to the account- after about 15 minutes she informed me that it would be a long process and that it would be best if she called me back when she was done. She never called me back and they have not corrected my credit report. Since June 2011, I have spent over 10 hours dealing with Verizon reps on the phone- trying to solve this billing issue. I could not believe that they had RUINED my credit score because of their incompetence.

I am extremely upset that a company can be so careless and flippant with a credit score that I worked hard to keep in good standing.

I am distressed and aggravated by their lack of respect and regard for my financial affairs. I do not owe Verizon-- they owe me.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I have never used Verizon in my life, but I still found something on my credit report saying I opened an account last year in another state and owe them over 4 grand. When I called their collection department they said they have no information on what the bill is for, where or when it was billed, all they know is that I owe them. When I asked for them to mail me proof, they said they can't?Everytime I call them over hear all these messages about how security is important to them, not isn't, they gave 4 grand worth of stuff to some guy and think it was me.Now my credit is ruined and it wasn't even me.


This just happened to me as well. I ended service with Verizon, turned in all boxes, and wifi box.

Everything worked and was in good condition. Two years later i saw a collection charge from Verizon for $1590 on my credit report. Because Verizon closed my account they had no record of me having an account with them. Verizon said I dont know why you owe money.

They then connected me to there collections department. They also had no record of why I owed money. Since it was two years later I didn't have the proof of me ending service, and turning in my boxes.

They made me come to a payment agreement. I am not happy, and I will never do business with Verizon again.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #1243538

You have the right to dispute these charges through your credit reporting company. Transuion accepts disputes on line and are very good. They have to remove if Verizon can't' prove you owe it.

Garnerville, New York, United States #1237696

wow -- same exact thing is happening to me


Go to small claims court and file suit . It will cost you approx.


Sue them for the max your state allows. It will take up to 6 months but Verizon will settle with you before the court date arrives.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1035136

help I have the same problem. What phone number was able to help you

to Ann #1035405

Sorry, that was such a long time ago I can't remember. Start with billing and they will bounce you around. Good luck.

to Ann #1035407

See Fred's comment below with phone number- I think that's what I ended up doing.

Bronx, New York, United States #992388

I never had an account with them they couldn't service my area. Now I see that I owe them 53 dollars on my credit report and I never got service from them or had an account with them. I'm extremely pissed bought down my credit rating drastically.

Arlington, Texas, United States #882498

Verizon did the same thing to me... I called them to explain that I've never had an account with them.

I explained that I have lived in Arlington TX since 2002 and the address for the fraudulent service is in Long Beach CA.

I told her I've never lived in CA and can verify that. Now I have to jump thru hoops to get this removed from my credit report.


Call their Credit Reporting Group @ 877-325-5156. I called, complained, and got it removed.

They can fix it. Don't let them forward you to other groups like billings or financial services.

Those groups can't do it.

to Fred Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1157555

I'm going through the same thing I been on the phone with Verizon all day and they told me all my accounts are paid they don't see anything but this is on my credit report for $51 dollars what can I do ?

Houston, Texas, United States #697927

I just found this complaint and it is almost exactly the same problem I am facing. I had just moved from Dallas to Houston and signed up for Verizon internet.

They told me the installation day and I stayed home from work and no one showed. When I called them they said that it was an activation date meaning I had to activate it myself. Well with no phone lines coming to the house I told them it was imposable. I canceled the service the same day and signed up with a cable company.

I heard nothing from them for over a month and then I called saying they never sent me a return slip for the modem. I get the return slip and then a month later I get a bill for $110. I call them and they appoligize and say that it will be takern care of. I get the same bill for several additional months and call them and finally they say the account is canceled.

Two months go by and I get an email saying I owe $86. I call and no one can verify I got the bill. Several months later I get a bill from a collection agency and I write them back saying I never received service and this bill does not pertain to me.

Now a full yesar has gone by and I now see a bad mark on my credit! Someone really needs to sue this company!

to Dave Fairfax, Virginia, United States #697987

They are horrible. I had to file a complaint with the better business bureau for them to fix my credit report- you should do the same.

to Anonymous #1576958

How did it go with filing the complaint with the BBB? Did they get it removed, because I’m going through a issue where I have the same name as my mom and they putting ur old Verizon bill that’s in collection on my credit and Verizon is no help !

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