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In Oct. 2007 I purchased 3 cell phones from Verizon and agreeded on a two year contract that was to cost me $89.00 a month and a additional $9.00 for a extra line each month for a total of $98.00 and of course tax and other charges.

The phones were supposed to be free on the first bill I was charged over $200.00. Actuvation fees and other stuff.

From Oct. 2007 until the present time I have never been charged $89.00.

I has always gone up, up and up. Verizon has sent me a bill for $904.00.

Verizon is a rip off.

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Summerville, South Carolina, United States #8777

yea my bill was supposed to be 59.99 a month plus taxes, and they upped my bill to 79.99 plus taxes without notifying me. they claim they reserve the right to do that at any time.

i stopped paying my bill as soon as i realized it went up by 33%. Verizon is ***.

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