I am so pissed at Verizon wireless...2 months ago i have changed my minutes to 450 (because i wanted to save money) since i don't use my cellphone that much i was thinking it's okay. So after i paid $154 last month because they said i used too many minutes...Then now what i did is i wrote down everything on a paper, each single phonecalls, even calls to verizon, even weekends and after 9pm (w/c is supposed to be free)..i add them all up and i have used only 157m and 35s since 3/19-4/13...BUT when i called verizon BAL the operator said i have used 360 minutes already...HOW THAT HAPPEN?????

i have a record with me on my phone...i am so diligent in doing this because the last time i paid so much, that made me realize that i have to record all my phonecalls....I talked to customer service and she can't say anything BUT "your account says you've used 360mins." i asked her do you have the summary of my calls? and she said no because my cycle is not over yet....Well i just don't understand how i used 360m already when my phone record says not...I think Verizon is so sneaky because they think customers will just ignore it...well i don't.

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I work in verizons fios department and i can tell you that the vzw cust care team is horrible. we get complaints about them even though were a completely different company.

if you want to have something to show your minutes you can just go to vzw.com and view each call even before your bill prints.

that may save you some time. good luck.


Verizon totally ripps you the *** off and steals your minutes.i keep track of my minutes and i only use half but they say i whent over i hate it so bad.sprint is 100% better

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