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I had an account with Verizon for my Internet/landline services. My cable TV provider was Direct TV.

After Verizon repeatedly solicited me to bundle my account by adding FIOS TV, I agreed to switch over. As part of the new contract, I was promised a $200 Rewards card that I was promised I would receive within 60-90 days of activation. On June 18, 2011, I received an e-mail postcard stating that my Rewards Card was being processed and I would receive it within 30 days (i.e., by July 18). When I tried to submit the code for tracking the shipping status of the card, it failed to register and I contacted the Rewards Department.

They advised me that they had made "a mistake" and had tried to process two $100 cards instead of a single $200 card but would rectify it and I would receive the new card by July 18. Then I received a voice message on July 8 saying that the card was actually being processed on that date and I would receive it by August 8. I contacted the Corporate Office in NY City and was told this would be resolved. It never was and I never received the card.

I'm filing a complaint with the AG's office in New York and hope Verizon suffers major financial losses due to the strike. BTW, their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced.

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Hello, I'm in a similar situation because my $350 prepaid card is yet to be delivered. Is there anything I can do, not matter how many times I have called their Rewards department after being transferred many times and have to wait, they always say it's on its way.

What Can I do? This is a scam that Verizon is directly responsible for?

to Anonymous #1167004

I am having the same runaround too they said it was coming 4 months ago then NOTHING, I call get transferred to several depts., be on hold for over 30 minutes and nothing. They have my email but still nothing. Verizion is ripping people off I wish I would have stayed with Cablevision.........

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #879773

Same deal free gift card after 3 mo. Now was told employee error what about sign contact ripped off can't believe verizon can do this


Don't let a clerk enter a penny more than your balance or it will be rejected and your card balance will be frozen for 30 days. They say in their FAQ at their site that you can get cash from the card at a bank (to avoid the previous problem) but they rejected the card there even with the right balance amount.

Checking with them they said they changed that and you can't use it at a bank now. FIOS......

Failure In Offerring Services!!!!

Los Angeles, California, United States #710223

Back in February of 2013, we decided to switch our Cable/Internet/phone service to Verizon Fios. Because they were advertising that if we get the "Triple Play" which is Phone, TV and Internet, with a new contract, we will get a $300 Prepaid Visa Gift Card.

(witch cost us $400). When we called and talked with their representative we did verify that information, because we needed the money to cancel our contract with Dish Network. The representative told us that the Visa gift card will arrive in the mail. After about 2 months, we called again and were told that we didn't receive the card yet because it could take up to 90 days!

So we waited some more. It's been over 6 months now, when we called them back they told us they have no record of anything that we are supposed to receive! Than hey said that we were supposed to receive an email with instruction about how to claim the card. We did not receive any emails!

Now they're telling us that there is nothing they can do! I don't understand how do you do business like that!? They promise their costumers a gift card if they switch, but they do not deliver them! Now we are in contract with them for the next 1,5 years!

We have no Gift card and a huge bill from Dish Network, for canceling their service!

Talk about false advertising! This is the thanks we get for my serving in the Army for five years and protecting American peoples freedom!

New York, New York, United States #592502

I had similar - they obviously expect you to forget the deal. I also called and was told that I had called "too late" by one representative.

Its impossible to get through to customer services and in the end I had to get very insistent that I be put through to a living breathing human being. Fourth department I spoke to continued to refuse the fact that I had $200 card expected many months ago. I had my order summary and so continued to argue back.

I asked for someone more senior to speak to and then quoted the small print to them - tone seem to change and they put me on hold for 3 minutes - came back and offered $200 credit on my account.


I received my $120 reward card, but have found it impossible to actually activate it. The instructions on the card tell you to activate your card by dialing a toll free number -- when you call the number and enter the card's "tracking code" the automated system instructs you to enter the last four digits of your Verizon home phone number. When I entered the four-digit code based on my phone number, the system informed me that the number I entered does not match the code they have on file.

to Victor Glendora, California, United States #592951

got the $120.00 prepaid card, tracking # isn't any good, and tell's me to call back when got a good number, what is going on with Verizon, we been a great customer for yr's, thing I will send them the card to pay our bill, I bet they won't accept it

to Victor Lodi, New Jersey, United States #792443

They emailed you the 4 digit code separately so no one stole the card in your mail and used it. Its all automated to you missed it in your junk folder.

PPL - don't get it twisted, I too had a problem. Guess what??? I spoke to the PROMO dept, and you know what they did??? They resolved it after I explained to them what the problem was.

Is this world getting dumber and dumber? What does customer service have to do with a PROMO?? Have you never handled a mail in rebate before?

Do you EVER remember customer service being able to help you, or did you talk with the rebate dept? Some of these posts are making my head hurt.


Verizon are thieves. The made me swift my services from Comcast to them with the premium package and they promise me a $500.00 give card.

Then they claim because my bill was not current, I was not eligible for the card.

This was not in the contract and this is fraud any way you look at it. I have already made 3 people at my Job cancel their verizon services and I am on a mission to destroy this fraudulent enterprise.

to DA, Silver Spring, MD, US Tampa, Florida, United States #606730

When I check the Status of my card it specifically says bill must be current.

to verizon customer fl Lodi, New Jersey, United States #792449

Read what I just posted. You seem like you are looking for help and have a brain.

Unlike most of the ppl in this thread. THey will help you if they didn't explain it correctly.

to DA, Silver Spring, MD, US Lodi, New Jersey, United States #792448

All I had to do was get in touch with the promo dept, explain to them the bait and switch tactic behind them not explaining that to me when I agreed to the 2 yrs, and done. They over looked the fact I had a past due balance and problem solved.

Instead of whine about it, call them. They will rectify the situation. Christ ppl. Cable is SO much worse.

Is ANYONE happy with anything anymore???

Try and work something out with your local cable company and see how far you get. VZ isn't perfect, but a *** of a lot better than Cable.


Got mt card. yeah what they fail to tell you is you can only use it at a handful of merchants.

What a load of BS. Just give me a *** prepaid CC.

I've tried to use it at 4 different places and only after sitting down and goint through the process did I find that you can only use it at "select Merchants"... What a crock..


There is not fraud. They very clear explain in order to receive your card you have to be current.

I think if you are not current you do not deserve the card.

it is one of the rules. the truth is pay your bills on time.


pay your bill online, pay $1.00, then pay $1.01 then $1.02 ect. they will get charged excessive transaction fees . We can all play the game.


First of all..I signed up for the bundled upgrade. Internet is still slow and phone service is downgraded.

My Do Not Disturb lost many features.. wrote a letter and they referred me back to so called customer service number..what a joke..thn I paid my bill to be current on march 23rd thinking the credit card would come..no because my new bill was due on Sunday the 25th as again no 300.00 credit card..the system checks your acct 10 days after the payment.

They have it designed so you have to be perfect to get the card.. I have been a customer over 30 yrs..that meant nothing


I got my. Card $300 but ....you must and I repeat MUST pay TWO months of your Verizon bill in FULL in order to get the card


Bowwowboy & Dawn...... did you ever get this resolved and receive your card?

I'll be calling Verizon today because after 2 months of my reward status stating pending, it now states CANCELLED!!!

Any suggestions on getting this resolved? Thanks


Yea I was supposed to get the 300 dollar reward card and I kept checking the status it said process pending for like 2 months and now I checked it and it says inelgible wtf this is a hoax I swear ima bout to go to the media about this , this is false advertisement!!

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