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I have had at least 5 repairman trying to fix a problem all summer. I can not RECEIVE calls on my landline phone during the summer when thousands of visitors come up and it is RAINING.

I have had numerous repairmen tell me the outside lines are outdated, or there is low voltage, or there was too much resistance in their lines, and they would submit their report to their foreman or supervisor. The time before last, I was informed that the repairman had closed the ticket and said the problem was in my lines, or phones. I have plugged them into other peoples phones - and no problem in them working. I explained to them countless times that I have a roof on my house, and the wires shouldn't get wet inside.

I was told to get new wiring which I did @ $20, and ran it direct. Same problem. I asked to speak to a supervisor 3 DAYS ago, and was told that he would call me back. Yeah, right -no call as of today.

They set up a "PRIORITY" appointment (whatever that is) for today between 8AM and 5PM (that isn't an appointment, it is a window or a door)! AGAIN for the 3rd time nobody showed up by 5:30 PM. This is the 3rd time I have totaly wasted an entire day and lost $75. - 125 for the day.Plus the days I have lost because my boss can't contact me to let me know when to come to work, plus I might be fired, becsuse as she says "I don't care how good an EMT you are, if I can't get hold of you, you are next to worthless to me"!

That evidently doesn't faze them, because it isn't their problem.

I have contacted the PSC,and they gave me a case#921081. I can see why people are leaving Verizon because of their lack of service, or Retarded Repairmen.

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Now going on 5 days with static,intermitent service and then dead phone all weekend. ON Satuday spoke to at least 7 persons and supervisors.

Got 7 different stories and promises to fix line. Repair never states what the problem is with the line. Just promises stating today repair will be made by 7PM and then 7 PM comes with no repair and its late for repairman..

Stay home again another day. I will contact head of Verizon Ivan G Seiderman in New York on Monday 212 395 1000..Suggest you do the same.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #117485

This too was my problem for over 12 years. 12 summers I paid full price for intermittant service during rainy season.

I tried contacting corporate office but they couldn't be bothered.

Locally, they would send someone out after three days when the sun had already dried the lines and then tell me there was no issue. The last guy that came out was a week late. When I looked at him with surprise and asked him what he was doing here, he said, "lady, I'm here.

Do you want me to look at it or not?". I told him not and to get the heck of my property. I then marched in and called BrightHouse. I've not had any issues or problems ever since.

(other than to get verizon's phone lines off of my house.

As a customer, you can not touch them or they'll charge you, but they'll take their sweet time coming out to remove them - two years in my case).

In summary - dump them if you can. It'll never get any better!


At least you can get a repairman. I'm stuck in "Trouble waiting to be dispatched to a technician" *** after putting a repair request in online.

I have a loud buzzing on my land line. I tried calling the repair phone number, to see why nothing had changed after a week, and after wading through the automated phone system, I actually was connected to a technician, who promptly hung up on me.


Long winded ramble on alert!

I've heard the line they won't fix old plant for decades now. First Verizon or any other of the Ma Bell era RBOCs(regional bell operating companies) didn't know what to do after the break up so it was several years before they started placing new copper and first generation fiber for businesses.So the 'worst' or highest trouble plant starts getting replaced.

In the meantime while they're replacing plant from the 1950s(paper and lead insulated cable)the first generation of plastic insulated cable started deteriorating because if reached the end of it's 15-20 life span by the 90s after being placed in the 60s & 70s.

On top of all that all these RBOCs couldn't wait to get rid of the outside plant. They only wanted to sell dialtone and have a third party own & maintain the plant. So frequently that the attitude was why bother and spend unnecessarily.

Then out of the blue the 2nd line & internet business popped up in the late 90s the replacement of the plant that should've been done a decade ago was put on hold further while the RBOC played Dutch Boy spending hours if not days just getting a couple of spare lines fixed for those 2nd lines.

Enter the new mellenium and FIOS and other high speed set ups. Why bother with perfectly usable copper when you can sell the customer fiber. Uh-oh Cable TV is doing the samething with their coax and fiber. So now the impetus is to get the fiber up and running again taking resources and time off of copper.

Funny thing how I've seen alot of Telco boxes left open at the sametime they're hooking up fiber in my neighborhood and yet it takes WEEKS to get a repair tech out for a 1 hour fix on copper plant.

Long story short when the old monoply execs finally realized it wasn't a monopoly especially when it came to budgets the copper plant and customer was/is screwed for ever.


The problem is Verizon refuses to fix deteriated and old outside plant. Plus the supervisor and and tec are being threatened of being fired if they do not get 5 or 6 jobs done a day.

It is not humanly possible to fix anything when not given the time to do it. It is caused my the *** VP's and President's at verizon


First during one of the repair techician's visits they should've placed a NID or network interface device to seperate the phone company plant/wires from your personal or inside wiring. It's a test point for you or the techs. It's usually a grey box. Trace out the line from the pole to your house and it should be right before the wire goes into the house.

Second outdated lines outside are not your problem per say. It is up to the phone company to get you dial tone wether it's with 50 or 5 year old plant.

Third if they are telling you there is a foreign voltage on the line that's usually outside or phone company trouble. Did they use the term crossed ?

Fourth closing the ticket without repair or resolution could be considered falsifying records since the FCC and local public service commissions require records be kept. Unfortunetly many techs and supervisors ' close tickets ' to make it appear they meeting the required deadlines.

Since you already have a case with the local PSC follow through. Be honest with them because most have the power of a court. And make sure there is a pending trouble ticket for phone number in trouble. Also make sure you don't pay for the days out of service if it is phone company trouble.

Also one last thing. Sometime to manipulate the workload they'll classify or misclassify the type of trouble you are having depending on their initial test. In most states if it's phone company plant there are maximum time frames for being out of service.

Good Luck

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