I went back to verizon because it was to be cheaper, it wasn't but that's not the problem. since day 1 the service has been bad, the cell phone is a piece of junk, I don't think it was new to begin with.

I have been back into the store aver 10 times. Usually they do a temp fix and within half an hour I have the same problems. Dropped calls(A LOT) the voice mail is useless, you can't get it to listen to it, the system jumps to some program about what your number is and something about an incorrect code; it pops in when I'm in the middle of a call and disconnects me. I have clients that think I've hung up on them, others who think I do not return calls.

The local Verison store employees have helped on several occasions but last week, after my 5th trip back the same day I told the manager I wanted out of this contract. He acted like the 24year old snot he looks like but finally gave me an 800 number.

A replacement phone is supposed to be on the way but I no longer want this service, I spent over $250 to get it and now, after 3 months of grief, they want me to pay $200 to end it! NO!

Who do I talk to? Everyone says :"I don't have that authority"

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