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I was schedule for Internet and phone installation between 11a-2pm my order number was MD00182948810. I arrived at the dealership at 9am and didn't leave until 6pm.

When I placed the order I request that the tech call me with a window at some point in his day. I received no call at around 2:45pm I decide to call for an update on my installation time frame since the tech at that point was already 45 minutes late. The customer service rep placed me on hold so that she could call the Tech, after a few minutes she informed me that I was next in line and the tech said "he would be there within 45 minutes". I said ok and waited patiently until 5pm a whole 2 hours and 15 minutes went by.

I called back at this point I was told that" I was next in line and the tech should arrive in 45 minutes,". In conversation with the rep she informed me the the Tech was coming to install a phone no additional jacks nor internet like I ordered. That was very disturbing to me. I informed the customer service rep that I was Tired had not eaten and took a day off work and, if the tech couldn't make it before 530 I was leaving.

I stayed until 6pm again no tech. Now after wasting my entire for a service that I'm paying for, placing a 2 year commitment for a not so good discounted rate. I think its total disrespectful as a consumer. When I can and will easy find other sources and might I add more affordable sources for both phone and internet.

I just want to take the time to say "THANK YOU"!!! for spearing me a whole 2 plus years of under appreciation, poor service and disrespect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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I too was scheduled for an installation. What Verizon calls a "contractor" had indicated to installation dispatch that the consumer wished to cancel their order. Not sure who they spoke with but it wasn't anyone in my house. No harm since I spoke with customer service to explain they were mistaken and the at all is good with installation on 12/21. I took the day off to accommodate their next available install date and waited until 12pm in a 8am to 5pm window. They explained the dispatcher changed the install date without notifying anyone. The next available date was 12/28 but they said because of their mistake they would schedule me for 12/22. NOT, waited around all day again only to find out the dispatcher had no intentions of ever coming to do the install.

Seems like customer service promises anything to the customer without actually checking with dispatch. Either someone is lying or Verizon Fios is that screwed up. Nevertheless I am sure my cable company will be happy Verizon screwed it up so much because I will not be moving over after all.

Maybe I should schedule an installation and not be home. See how they like it.


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