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Normally, I do not write complaints to be posted to the world… but my recent experiences with Verizon changed all that. This is the best example of poor customer service I have ever seen "" and I work as a Communications Manager and Technical Writer (SEO) in an internet company that prides itself on customer service.

I have been a Verizon customer for coming up 13 years (from GTE to Verizon in 2000) "" I chose them because they appeared the best option in a small sea of options. I then convinced my friends (because they have this great deal on "˜in calling') to get it. I even got my X wife to get it!

Ok, I have this phone "" the LG enV2

There are a number of Known issues with this model "" but I am getting ahead of myself, I did not know this was the issue until my last visit to Verizon…

Including the Charger Port

So, last summer "" back in July, I went into Verizon and told them I had charging problems. They solved my "˜problem' by selling me a NEW home charger. Now this seemed to work "" um, ok. I still had to hang the cord over the counter and then it would fully charge.

By October, it was getting so bad that I could charge it for minutes at a time, if just the right pressure was put on the cord and plug.

So I went and visited my local Verizon store here in Poulsbo Washington.

Here is how things went down:

» I met with the same woman that I saw back in July "" Stephine Morris.» She is polite and tells me this is a known problem» Stephine said there was a memo circulated to her in the company stating this known problem» She states that they will replace the phone "" and that as a she used to be a tech, she would call Silverdale» She asked first if they had the ports there to do the job "" no, they don't have the part» She then asked if there was a phone see for me to just pick up "" no they ran out» She finds out that I need to get it done "˜through corperate'» Stephine gives me an 800 number and sends me on my way!I leave Verizon "" not entirely happy with my phone that can only get 30 seconds of charge time. I call the 800 number while driving home…

» Hello "" I need a new phone» Name and last 4 of the social» Talk with nice woman about replacement phone» Sure I can have one "" for $50 because mine is now out of warranty» I say "˜known issue and store said they will cover it'» She says she can only get me the phone "" ok, I need it» She then says that she can transfer me to Customer service and they can help with either the charger cost or phone cost (she felt one way or another this was wrong)» Phone will be here in two days (yeah!)I finished up, then was transferred to customer service…

» James from Washington was to be "˜helping me'» Short of saying "Tough Luck" out loud "" he stated it was not in warranty and "Too Bad"» James, you need to learn something about customer service "" ***.» He verbally stood his ground, ignoring the charger purchase (although he said he could see it)» He then told me "" I "" yes, "I" should have known this was a problem back in July when I bought the chargerJames, I have had cell phones longer than you have been through and out of puberty "" every time there has been any kind of "˜charging issue' it was always the charger plug on the cord "" and that was once!

So now, I call Stephine and she states, "when the phone comes in, we will see if they charged for it and fix it"

Two days later….

The phone arrives

» Well, NO ONE mentioned that I would be getting a bare phone "" nothing else with it, no battery, cord "" nothing.» Even better "" NO ONE mentioned that it was a refurbished phone!» All with a 90 day warranty» See below "" I would have purchased a new phone had I known this…I took the phone to Verizon "" Poulsbo Washington and saw Stephine.

» She saw the charge for the phone and said that "she would take care of it"» She then went to transfer all the data into the "˜new' phone» At this point she did note that me port was in such shape that she could not maintain consistent contact long enough» Stephine was generous enough to sell me a mini memory chip!» So I then had a memory chip so she could move my data over "" thanks» She made a copy of the paperwork (costs) that came with the phone.» I was told that she would get her outside? Manager to take care of itI then went straight to the FedEx box and sent in my old phone 20 minutes later "" to be repaired and sold to some other sucker as new. Stephine had given the copies of the papers to the person who would clear this all up, on that same day.

I have since left messages with Stephine "" and will swing by the store this weekend. I can still see the charge to me for the phone…

Oct 24 (three weeks later) Update:

I got to talk with Stephine Morris on the 22nd (the women who I statred with). She had given her "IDR" Donale, the copies of the papers where I had been charged. There had been no word, either way, although she would talk with her and get back to me

So Verizon "" where did you fall down here?

First "" there is an issue "" and you folks know it

Second, your staff has to do what they say they do "" and that is customer service. I got to BUY a:

» New wall charger» Refurbished phone» and memory card» Near $100 for all thatAll because of a known issue that was not taken care of promptly.

A brand new phone from you is $20!!

New, with a NEW battery and charger is $33 "" and it would have cost $10 to swap memory and activate.

The last struggle is that I went in and was looking at a family plan "" my partner (who I got onto Verizon 4 years ago) and I want to join the accounts and ad a phone for my 15 year old son. BUT if this is an example of service…

Maybe Walmart has the answer to service (and they are not known for it) "" maybe the world is modern airlines without food or personal service now, but I though you folks still say that you are great on your commercials… and website

Verizon, if you want to contact me "" you can reach me here ""

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We have verizon Fios - went down last night, March 30, 2014 (sunday night with snow and wind) - everything is lost - phone, TV and internet. Does Verizon care - ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Cant' make any phone calls if have an emergency, son cannot do some homework as required by Howard Community Collger (Canvas). Keep getting passed around from person to person, area to area, department to department.

Keep getting different answers - will be repaired today (3/31/14) and then speak to someone esle and told tomorrow (4/1/14). When FIOS is up and running, Good bye Verizon, Hello Camcast!

Richardson, Texas, United States #712995

I love you "Verizon Wireless".Stay #1.

Strasburg, Pennsylvania, United States #712982

The customer service from Verizon is poor at best. For the last 3 days we have been having digital interference on not just our lines but 4 of our neighbors are also having the same issues and Verizon is ignoring our problems gaining access to the high speed internet.

I think I will just ignore this month's bill and see where that leads. :( :x :( :sigh


I feel your pain. They are a terrible company!

I have just cancelled one of our lines, and will be cancelling the last remaining line soon. Then I will no longer have to deal with crappy customer service.

I have come to the conclusion is the only way to remedy a problem with Verizon, is to move to another carrier! Good Luck!


Exposer - read the story again, closely. If you get something 'repaired' in the warranty period, you would expect it to be repaired for real. I don't know anything about cell phone plugs - but Verizon did. They even admitted the problem later. Please don't quote 'retail price' - it makes you sound like a salesman, not a customer service rep. NO ONE charges that 'retail'. The $20 for that phone was because they are NOS and there was plenty on eBay. Lastly, yes, they charged me for data transfer (hey, if you are with Verizon you could see that!). Live and learn.

Not to go into it again;

Yes, I am still with Verizon.

Yes, they still have *** customer service and communication.

Yes, there are some good people there (I know, because I just renewed with a great person, a manager in Silverdale WA).

Yes, the Poulsbo store has some interesting problems - I went to renew and combine a phone plan and they were a cell phone store without any phone in 6 that I asked to look at.

Silverdale WA had the phones, set me up, stayed 20 minutes after the store closed and generally had great service.

Verizon missed it - they do not sell phones (they sell themselves), they do not sell a skill - all they really sell is customer service.

Verizon has bad customer service and it is getting worse overall. The exceptions with the company are proving the rule because they shine like gems in all the mud.

And lastly - ***, Verizon charges an early termination fee in the event of death? WTF?



My husband died 8-22-10; within the week I called Verizon to cancel his cell phone #; was told everything would be taken care of - no "early termination fee". I subsequently received bills for both our numbers (after he died) with (insult to injury) an "early termination fee" added, although I was reassured Verizon policy is to waive this fee in event of death (I even offered to send a copy of his death certificate!); I have now talked with 5 different "customer service" people who take the information, apoligize, say the situation will be straighteded out, yada, yada; recently I requested that a supervisor call me - no one has yet; however, today (10-19-10) Verizon has discontinued my cell phone service - VERIZON'S CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!! I will now write to the California Public Utilities Commission!


You are leaving key parts of the story out. How old was your phone when you brought it in, in July?

Phones typically have a one year manufacture warranty. If under warranty, the phone should have been swapped in July, but it sounds as if you didn't go to a corporate store to have it checked and that’s why it wasn’t swapped out. As far as the phone being fix up and sold as new to another sucker …that is incorrect. It’s shipped back and refurbished and sent out as a replacement (just like the one you got).

And phones are not $20.00... You are referring to the 2 year contract price when starting new service or having an ELGIBILE upgrade (having the same equipment for 20 months). The retail price of the ENV2 is $299.99; which is about the price that Verizon buys the phone from LG for. To further explain, cellular carriers subsidize the price of the phone and actually lose money on the phones daily, HOPING to recoup the actual cost of the phone over the lifetime of a contract.

--- In fairness I think you were mistreated and your phone should have been swapped if it was in warranty because it was a known problem. And that is *** that they were trying to charge you $10 dollars for a data transfer for a replacement, they should have done it for free, no questions asked!!! I think Verizon is a worthless company and they scam people as well as their employees on a daily basis. They have lost all concept of true customer service throughout the past several years which will eventually contribute to their downfall.

Employee morale is at its lowest right now (as you can see lol) because of upper management decisions being made and unfair pressures put on the employees resulting in treating customers like *** and not listening to their needs. I just had to put my 2 cents in because I here *** people complain all day and most of the time it’s the customers fault due to pure ignorance (not referring to you at all). I enjoyed your story and I just wanted to correct someone of the things in all fairness to what I have to do every day.

I wish you would have been treated differently and hopefully you don’t have another bad experience like the one you had. Have a good day!!

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