for 6 months verizon has lied to me about a plan i had with them where they said i would get $150 refund credit card. Then i find out they mislead me into buying a higher priced internet service.

I lowered it to the slowest speed but the bill never went down. I complained and now they say no reward card will be given and i have to pay a $120 fee for canceling. They lied all the time and never were honest about the service. I could go into more detail, but verizon is crooked.

Do not trust verizon, they will lie cheat and steal.

I will have to do research to get closer dates and so on, but about 6 months ago i signed up with verizon for internet and phone service in a plan where i was to get a $150 reward card in a few months. This was to offset the costs i was paying from another company, so the verizon deal was better in the long run. They agents purposely did not tell me they had a lower cost ineternet plan.

I found out about it and called verizon and asked about it. They switched me to a slower internet and said my getting the rewards card woudl be moved back a month or so since they had reset the plan and that i would be paying about $50.00 per month on phone and internet. Every month the bill was $75.00. So i called to see why.

All i got was run around and misinformation. I was lied to and never told the truth about my billing or contract. Then i asked about the rewards card again after considering lowering to another plan. They siad nothing about me not getting a rewards card.

Time after time none of teh many agents i talked to ever told me the rewards card was coming because i had lowered my servce plan. But my monthly bill still was $75.00 as if nothing had been lowered. Their agents just keep playing dumb and hiding the facts. So now they tell me i will pay a $120 canceling fee if i cancel the service which seems to never pay the rewards they promised me and never lowers my bill.

They lie and misrepresent the truth to string people along. Verizon is a crooked outfit. So they have had me paying this higher than need be plan all these months while i am thinking i will get the reward credit card of $150 to offset the cost of keeping the plan, now they say, no card and oh, you will have to pay a fee if you try to get out of the plan. They say that since i lowerd the ineternet service, i do get the rewards card of $150, but since i want to go with the lowest monthly service i can, they say oh but you wont be in the plan then, so you get a penalty of $120.

Well, if i am in a plan, give me the rewards card, if im not then quit charging me $75 per month. How can i get a penalty for dropping out of a plan that i was never in?

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I called for disconnect on my land line through Verizon 9 months ago. They kept charging me and would not turn it off.

I called several times wrote letters and emails and they still wouldn't turn it off. I had moved from the residence and quit paying because I was told it would be taken care of and never received another bill. In april I got a bill for $120 for services they did not disconnect until november because "i didn't pay" what a rip off. they lied and said I never contacted them.

Every rep I talked to lied!!! :(


I asked verizon to provide me with a land line to use for call forwarding purposes only. i have had this line with verizon for almost 4 years now.

one day, i decided to look at my bill, and found out that they had been charging me an additional $60 per month for the past 4 years for DSL ( internet service ). I called them and explained the situation, and they told me that i was due a large sum of credit. last month i recieve my phone bill and i am given a $4040.00 in credit. I called the accounting office, and asked them to send me a check for my credit balance, and was told that they cannot send me any money, and that i could use the credit towards paying my future bills.

i told them that i did not want credit and i wanted my money back that i have been paying every month for the last 4 years for something i never needed or ordered. they finally agreed to send me a check and told me that i would have the check within a week to 10 days. it now has been a month since i had that conversation with verizon and i still don't have a refund check.

i have tried calling thier accounting office and everytime i call them i am put on anywhere between 35 minutes to an hour wait before i can talk to someobody. heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp


I recently bought the motorola droid from verizon, but decided i did not like it so i gave it to my husband and he gave me his lg envy 3 touch. We switched lines and the rep at the store said we would soon be eligable for an upgrade on the main line, which is now mine since we switched lines so he could have to phone.

Then at the end of december we got in the mail a flyer saying that my phone was due for an upgrade. We didn't have the money at the time, so we decided to wait. we have now relocated to tulsa from wichita. This is important info for later.

I began having problems with my phone a few days ago. It shut off and reset itself and then the touch screen would not work at all. I turned the phone off several times and took the battery out to see if it would fix it, but it wouldn't. Then my speakers started to sound fuzzy, and at one point wouldn't play any sound.

The screen would just go black and have lines thru it and shut off. I can open the phone up and use it that way, but have had problems with it not dialing a call. It also just randomly hangs up on people and over heats.

I decided that since I live over a thousand miles from my family and 300 from my in-laws, i need a phone that works.

I went in today to get a blackberry thinking that i had an upgrade. I talked to the rep and picked out the phone i wanted. we went to the desk to fill out our info and when she pulled it up she told us that no lines were available for an upgrade. I told her our story and what happened and that maybe someone messed up when we bought the phone and she said no.

We told her that we bought the phone in wichita and another rep asked us if we bought it at the verizon on rock road, we said yes and he said that it was the corporate office. He said it with the tone like, yeah they screw up all the time. We were told we could buy the 89.99 blackberry for the full price of $350. I said no, that was more then what we paid for the droid the day it came out.

She told me to take it to the back to their service techs and see if my phone really was messed up or if it was something they could fix. The service rep who helped me was so nice. She coulsn't even get my phone to calibrate. She said they have seen a number of issues with the touch screens and that they could get me one with my insurance.

I knew i could since i have had to get 2 other phones this way. She said they were out of stock and that i have to wait until wed. to get my phone. I was so angry.

I have to use this broken phone until thursday and hope that i get the phone. i am very angry with verizon, i have been a loyal customer for almost 10 years and feel like i have been lied to. I don't know who we talked to in wichita, i wish we did bc i would call and file a major complaint with him. I haven't gotten a new phone in over 2 years and feel like it is my turn to get a phone.

I have to wait until june to upgrade my phone. I hope this refurbished phone holds until then.


ALL Verizon employees should be ashamed of the behavior of their company! Their reps regularly and intentional lie to customers. I advise NEVER having anything to do with this company.

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