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We are Verizon FIOS customers. More than half of the time Verizon makes billing "errors" (always in its favor), which take one or more calls (minimum 30 minutes of telephone ***) to correct. The process seems designed to discourage customers from fighting the bogus charges.

We recently had FIOS installed when we moved house. Verizon is now trying to charge us $459.91 for a "PC configuration" service that was never requested or carried out. We didn't even know that such a service exists (and would refuse it at that price). So far five calls, maybe four hours total, to get the bogus charge removed. No luck yet, although I am assured (as in the last four calls) that the bogus charge will be removed and that they will make a follow-up calll.

I dread it when I get a Verizon bill. What bogus charge are they going to include next time? How many people who have set uop automatic payments get scammed by Verizon, month after month?

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I would take yourself off of automatic payments. And I would tell them why you are doing this.

That way every month you can reveiw the bill before paying it. Good Luck!

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