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December 11th our Verizon online service was connected. We were to be charged $25.99 a month. January 26th, we realize our bank account was overdrawn. A total of $387.04 was withdrawn by Verizon. They are responsible for 2 overdraft fees as well. In total, we are out $427.04.

Today is March 16th. Still they have not refunded our money, nor have they taken responsibility to the bank for the overdraft fees (these are our first two ever,) instead they have begun billing us and deducting from the money as though it were credit.

We have called countless times, been on hold for hours at a time, and still we are nowhere. One day they say "It'll be deposited into your account in 72hrs" then "Wait 3-5 business days for a check in the mail" then "This account will just be credited all the money so you won't have to pay bills." We don't want credit. We never agreed to supply Verizon with a lump sum of cash.

The customer service reps never have any record of what is going on, our confirmation numbers are apparently just made-up, and we go through the whole spiel again with each new call. Our calls are frequently dumped or rerouted to Verizon Wireless (or other wrong departments,) as of today, we've called a total of 22x since Jan 26th.

We contacted the FTC around Feb. 19th and were told to dispute it through our bank. We tried, but since we'd given Verizon authorization to auto-deduct, our bank said they could not dispute it. We contacted the FTC again March 2nd after Verizon told us we needed to wait 1-2 billing cycles (up to 60 days) for a refund.

We were given the number to the State Utilities Commission so we filed a complaint there and were told to wait 15 days for a response from Verizon. If there is no response, or another runaround response, we have to call them back.

A few days later, I finally get a call from Verizon saying the check was sent Feb. 24th, and we should be receiving it any day... guess what? It's March 16th (going on 2 months) and NO CHECK.

If Verizon didn't have a monopoly on internet service in my area, I'd never use them. I can't believe they can cheat their customers this way without any consequences. RIDICULOUS.

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