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I have been on the phone for the last hour and half trying to connect a nook tablet to my verizon wifi internet. I got this nook for my dad for Christmas and I want it to be all set up for him.

While setting up the nook simple touch I chose my home wifi network and put in the password. I have been trying to get it to actually connect, but nothing has happened. So I called Nook, and guess what?? They told me to call Verizon.

So I called Verizon and guess what next?? I have been circulating all of verizon trying to fix this problem. I keep on going in circles and get nowhere; people are telling me to do different things and no one has a solution for this problem.

When I called the Nook people they assured me that this was a simple problem that occurs regularly, yet Verizon can't do anything. So to Nook and Verizon I beg you for the sake of the world and as a daughter who is just trying to give his father a good Christmas present to fix this f***ing problem!

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I didn't have them address the problem. However, the verizon premium services tech group said they've gotten many calls for this and they can resolve the issue by logging into your computer and making various changes. There is a one time $39.99 charge on your phone bill for the service.

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