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It began when I moved from Somerset Co to Ocean Co and dared to re-up for DSL. Apparently living across from Verizon Hqt guarantees DSL but move elsewhere and forget it. Never worked, calles to tech service in India did not help. I could not understand a word they said and they could not understand my issues.

Next came cancelling the service...oh ...weeks to get that done. Finally got it canceled and no one came to get the equipment (I still have it). Getting my bill squared away was another nightmare with hours and hours on the phone. I have my home phone number with Verizon so it's like dealing with several companies because the same person can't deal with DSL and the home number.

Finally, in December I reached a knowledgeable person who figured it out and then in January my bill was correct. Along came February when I got a $600.00 undeserved credit on my bill. The calling began again with the same knuckleheads.

I searched hoovers for the name of the President, Mr. Dennis Bone and emailed him. He forwarded my email to his 'executive consumer service' person who was scratching her head as to why I got a credit much less such a large one. She assured me she would get to the bottom of it and get it fixed. Turns out it is a system-wide error and many people received this.

Here it is March, open my bill and sure enough, the credit is still there. I emailed Mr. Verizon President and this time I asked for a check in the amount of the credit knowing full well I am not entitled. Got a call from another (different) 'executive assistant' that I am not entitled to the credit. No kidding! More apologies and what can she do?

J u s t f i x t h e b i l l......

Anyone else with this same problem? Trying to get a coalition together to get some action. Email

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