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I've been emailing with Verizon reps for the past many days. I'm emailing with them because my Verizon cell phone doesn't pick up in my home at all.

I hear, at best, half of what anyone on the other end of the line says. Most of the time the call simply drops. I've been eaten half-alive by mosquitoes--I have to either sit at the end of my driveway or walk up and down the alley to have a phone conversation. I've set up land-line service to begin Monday, but Verizon plans to charge me for dropping my non-functional service.

The mobile broadband works here, strangely enough, but having to set up new phone service I'm much better off, cost-wise, bundling with internet service. I could not be more disappointed with Verizon. They actually had the nerve to suggest I purchase a network extender.


Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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You have 14 days when you purchase a device to return it if it does not meet your needs or works for you. You can't blame anyone else but your yourself if you did not return your phone within that time period.

After 14 days it is on you.

It is your contract for 2 years buddy and you will pay the bill each month or pay an early termination fee. It really is as simple as that.

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